Taking Data Backup to the Sky, NTI Introduces NTI Cloud™

Data backup pioneer NTI introduces NTI Cloud™, a simple way for users to backup, retrieve, access, and share files with any PC or mobile devices.

Irvine, CA, December 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- NTI announced today “NTI Cloud™,” a simple solution to establish a multifunctional online storage. NTI Cloud™ debuts intuitive GUIs on PC platform through a secured login domain (www.NTIcloud.com) and the App made available for Android and iOS devices. For as little as $4.99 a month, users can enjoy the fun and convenience of storing data in their own personal cloud and the peace of mind with access to their data anytime, anywhere they are internet connected.

“While personal cloud service is getting more popular today, the users would never get to find one that does it all,” said Bill Yao, President/CEO of NTI. “What makes NTI Cloud™ outstanding from the competitions is not only the simplicity we were able to create for the users, but also our unique experience in backup methodology; our users can rest assured that their data is just as safe as stored in their own PC hard disks.”

Main features of NTI:

- Ease of Use: NTI Cloud™ offers a simple and intuitive user interface in 27 different languages.

- Platform Compatibility: NTI Cloud™ is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and a wide range of mobile platforms and browsers.

- Compatible with NTI Software: NTI Cloud™ works in conjunction with latest version of NTI Backup Now EZ™, an award winning data backup software for PC. It is also currently featured as bundled utility software in Toshiba’s Canvio 3.0 Portable HDD.

- Access via Mobile Devices: NTI Cloud™ App is available free for Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, and all Android OS compatible devices. Users are able to upload, download and share files, access to personal photo albums, play music or videos right at their fingertips.

Pricing and Availability:
NTI Cloud™ starts online storage with a free 30-day trial with 1GB storage, and $4.99/month for 5GB or $7.99/month for 10GB. Users are offered the option to dynamically grow the online portion up to 1TB (1,024GB) as needed. NTI Cloud™ can be signed up from the web login domain (www.NTIcloud.com). For mobile users, NTI Cloud™ App can be downloaded from Android Market for Android devices and Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod or iPad.

NTI Cloud™ is also available in 27 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese and many more.

About NTI Corporation
An industry leader and true software developer, NTI creates products that combine ease of use, value, and relevant technology for backup, security, videos, movies, data, photos, songs, music with CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Flash Media, Networks, Hard Drives and more. NTI’s retail and OEM heritage spans over 15 years consistently delivering feature-rich backup and digital media software solutions. NTI developed one of the first CD burning software in the early 1990s and continues as a technology leader today with software products installed on over 150 million computers worldwide.

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