GenScript Sponsors 2011 iGEM Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Competition

Piscataway, NJ, December 17, 2011 --( Internationally recognized biology contract research organization GenScript USA Inc. congratulates the achievements of eight teams they sponsored in 2011 iGEM undergraduate synthetic biology competition.

The iGEM teams have utilized GenScript’s gene synthesis service to build novel biological systems. After intense preliminary regional competitions, three teams made to the final competition on Nov. 7th, the 1st ever iGEM World Championship Jamboree held on MIT campus in Cambridge, MA. Their projects include “painting” using engineered bacteria expressing light inducible fluorescent proteins, creating neuro-stimulators by building an OptoMagneto bacteria, and designing a set of Codon-Switches that regulate target protein biosynthesis. To learn more about these iGEM projects, please visit:

The rapidly expanding science of synthetic biology is a field GenScript, the leading synthetic biology company in the world and the No. 1 gene synthesis supplier in North America, has helped pioneer since 2002. The science involves reducing the complexity of life down to basic building blocks of molecular biology, which can then be mixed and matched to create useful organisms in biofuel production, industrial biotechnology development, and ultimately, to promote human health.

About GenScript USA, Inc.
GenScript USA, Inc., is a leading biology CRO focusing on early drug discovery and development services. Built on assembly-line mode, one-stop solution, continuous improvement, and stringent IP protection, GenScript provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that include Bio-Reagent, Bio-Assay, Lead Optimization, and Antibody Drug Development which can be effectively integrated into value chain and operations. GenScript is the largest gene synthesis provider in the U.S. Their customers include top pharmaceutical companies, major biotech firms and research institutions in over 70 countries.

About iGEM
Since its inception in 2003 from a short course at MIT, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) has become the premiere undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition, an international sensation, and a significant force to the advancement of synthetic biology. 165 teams from 29 countries and regions have participated in 2011 iGEM to dive into the synthetic biology area.


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