GenScript Upgrade Free Bioinformatics Tools

GenScript provides a comprehensive range of online bioinformatics tools for Molecular Biology, Peptide, and Protein Researchers,as well as many other common bioinformatics tools. - February 23, 2013

GenScript Launches eBlot® Protein Transfer System

GenScript USA Incorporation has launched the eBlot® Protein Transfer System, a semi-dry electric blotter for transferring proteins from mini polyacrylamide gels onto membranes in 7 to 10 minutes, expanding its bench-top tool offerings for protein analysis. This system simplifies the process further by including a complete line of accessories, eliminating the need for additional buffers. - February 07, 2013

GenScript Launches New PolyExpress Package

With the completion of an extensive new animal facility and validation of ground-breaking new immunization protocols, GenScript is able to offer this new antibody package at a staggeringly fast delivery time of just 45 days, 2 months faster than traditional immunization methods. - February 03, 2013

ProteinSignal - A New Brand of GenScript, Focused on Protein Research

ProteinSignal will serve as a pioneering developer and supplier of high performance protein research products covering the entire protein analysis workflow. Their offerings include cytokines and growth factors, protein purification resins, precast PAGE gels, protein standards, gel staining systems, anti-tag antibodies, western blot detection, ELISA kits and endotoxin detection and removal kits. - January 27, 2013

GenScript Launches a Premier Gene Synthesis Service "Gene-Bricktm" for Building Large DNA FragmentsTM

The Gene-BrickTM premier gene synthesis service is specifically designed to meet demands of large DNA fragments which are used in synthetic biology research, such as the building of large genetic circuits and synthetic chromosomes. - June 14, 2012

GenScript Was the Most Frequently Referred Biology Contract Research Organization by Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in 2011

GenScript USA Inc., an internationally recognized biology contract research organization (CRO), became the most frequently referred biology CRO in the world by peer-reviewed journal articles in the year 2011. Ever since its inception from 2002, GenScript has been consistently providing biological... - February 03, 2012

GenScript Launches Rush Gene Synthesis Service

Internationally recognized biology contract research organization GenScript USA Inc. today announced the launch of Rush Gene Synthesis service in the global market. - December 27, 2011

GenScript Sponsors 2011 iGEM Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Competition

Internationally recognized biology contract research organization GenScript USA Inc. congratulates the achievements of eight teams they sponsored in 2011 iGEM undergraduate synthetic biology competition. The iGEM teams have utilized GenScript’s gene synthesis service to build novel... - December 17, 2011

GenScript Launches Animal Model Services Worldwide

Internationally recognized biology contract research organization GenScript USA Inc. today announced that it has launched a broad spectrum of Animal Model Services for researchers to investigate the efficacy and safety profile of drug candidates. The services include in vivo drug efficacy,... - August 10, 2011

GenScript Launches eStainTM 2.0 Protein Staining System

Internationally recognized Contract Research Organization (CRO) GenScript USA Incorporation has launched eStainTM 2.0 Protein Staining System to replace the original eStainTM System. The eStainTM 2.0 System provides fast and convenient protein gel staining in 7 minutes or less and has improved the... - May 18, 2011

GenScript Continues Deploying New Websites in Europe

GenScript USA Inc. has launched new websites at in France and at in Spain to offer easier access for local French and Spanish searchers. - May 01, 2011

GenScript Will Launch Services with GANP® Technology for World Wide Market Excluding Japan

GenScript Corporation signed a worldwide (excluding Japan) non-exclusive license agreement with TransGenic Inc. through which GenScript Corporation is authorized to use GANP® mice from TransGenic Inc. to produce high-affinity antibodies to scientists. - March 25, 2011

GenScript Launches New Website in Germany

GenScript USA Inc. has launched a new website at in Germany to offer easier access for local German searchers. - March 16, 2011

GenScript Corporation Has Installed the First BiacoreTM T200 Biosensor in the World

GenScript Corporation and GE Healthcare Life Sciences China together held an opening ceremony on Dec 22nd 2010 in Nanjing China, to celebrate the successful installation of the first unit of BiacoreTM T200 instrument in the world. To an audience of primarily research scientists from both big... - January 19, 2011

GenScript Received OLAW (Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare) Approval for Animal Welfare Assurance

GenScript received the approval of Animal Welfare Assurance for its animal facility on 9 Nov, 2010. This approval accentuates the responsibilities and procedures of GenScript regarding the care and use of laboratory animals. - November 24, 2010

Immunologix Teams with GenScript to Produce Human Antibody Therapeutics Ready for Clinical Trials

Immunologix, Inc, a Charleston, SC biotechnology company and a leader in fully human therapeutic antibodies for a variety of diseases and GenScript, a contract research organization (CRO) based in Piscataway, NJ and the industry leader in bio-reagent services, assay development & screening,... - November 11, 2010

GenScript Launches CloneReadyTM Gene Collections

GenScript’s CloneReadyTM Gene Collections provide convenient and cost-effective solutions to researchers’ gene related practices. - September 09, 2010

GenScript Launches Guaranteed Gene-to-Protein Service Package Following the Technology Breakthrough from OptimumGene™ Gene Optimization

Benefiting from its patent-pending OptimumGene™ gene optimization technology breakthrough which can achieve a 10-fold or greater increase in protein expression, GenScript now offers a first-to-market guaranteed Gene-to-Protein custom service package. - April 28, 2010

GenScript Recognized as Preferred Contract Supplier of Life Science Products by University of Pennsylvania

GenScript draws attention from UPENN School of Medicine for obtaining best quality products and services. - January 28, 2010

GenScript’s Presence in Japan Relocated from Osaka to Tokyo

GenScript plans to expand its Japanese market from its capital. - January 21, 2010

GenScript Launches Click Peptide Services

GenScript’s click peptide service aims to handle difficult peptide you intended to study. - January 21, 2010

GenScript Established Biology Research Collaboration with Roche

GenScript expands its drug discovery services to assay development. - September 12, 2009

GenScript Launches Antibody Sequencing Service Geared Toward Innovation

GenScript’s antibody sequencing service aims to accelerate antibody drug discovery and patent applications. - September 05, 2009

GenScript Launches 20% Off Campaign Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Peptide Service

GenScript celebrates its 5th anniversary for its peptide services by giving customers 20% off for standard peptide synthesis and modifications. - August 23, 2009

GenScript Expands Its THE™ Elite Antibody Series

GenScript adds THE™ Anti-DYKDDDDK mAb to the THE™ antibody series. - August 18, 2009

GenScript Upgrades Plasmid Production Platform to Deliver Potent Plasmids

GenScript upgrades its plasmid production platform to enable wider scope downstream applications. - August 07, 2009

GenScript Raises $15M for Drug Discovery and Development Services Expansion —Kleiner Perkins Invests in Biology CRO Business

GenScript Inc. received $15M investment led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) to expand its biology and bio-reagent services in drug discovery and development. - June 26, 2009

Genscript Offers Free Bio-Reagent Sample Bundles

GenScript offers high quality bundled bio-reagent samples to appreciate customers and assist in biology research under current tough economic condition. - May 10, 2009

GenScript Seeks Long-Term Collaboration Opportunities by Offering Special Partnership Promotion for Gene Synthesis

Internationally recognized biology contract research organization GenScript Corporation announces its special partnership promotion for gene synthesis service, which aims to establish a long-term, high-volume, and preferred vendor contract with its partners by offering them specially discounted... - April 22, 2009

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