Special Line of Footed Pajamas Introduced for Christmas at the Luxury Pajamas Store, PajamaHeaven.com

A special line of footed pajamas have now been introduced at the online luxury pajamas store, PajamaHeaven.com. Hello Kitty, Big Feet, Sleepyheads and other popular brands retail footed pajamas at PajamaHeaven.com.

Erlanger, KY, December 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The online luxury pajamas store, PajamaHeaven.com has introduced a special line of footed pajamas for women this Christmas season. Footed pajamas by Hello Kitty, Big Feet, Sleepyheads, Hopping Frog and other popular brands can be purchased at: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/pajamas-pajamaheaven/footed-pajamas.html. PajamaHeaven.com has recently introduced luxurious footed pajamas in the inventory adding to the high end women's sleepwear by leading designer labels.

PajamaHeaven.com is an online pajama store retailing luxurious and high end women's pajamas and sleepwear along with pajamas for men and kids. Carole Hochman, Frankie & Johnny, Big Feet, Sleepyheads, PJ Salvage, BedHead and more.

“With the wide line of high end pajamas and sleepwear at our store, we still felt something was missing and footed pajamas was the answer. Lovely and most comforting footed pjs are a must have when winters are around. Footed pajamas take us on a nostalgic trip to our childhood days when playing around the house and spending time with parents use to be wonderful being in the footed pajamas,” said Ms. Jennifer Briscoe from PajamaHeaven.com.

She further added, “What if we are adults now? Still in our heart we are that naughty little child who wants to forget work and other worries of life once he/she is at home! Make winters fun filled and love filled with a pair of footed pajamas that will make an evening with kids absolutely awesome!”

Along with the wide line of flannel pajamas, long sleeve pajamas, sleepshirts, lush plus size pajamas and more, PajamaHeaven.com is running an inventory reduction sale on select pajamas and sleepwear. The clearance sale at PajamaHeaven.com offers a variety of designer labels retailing pajamas on discounted prices that can be purchased at: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/sale.html.

“PajamaHeaven.com is one online pajama retailer that has the most wonderful line of pajamas for women. High end pajamas and luxurious fabrics are retailed at the store that has now introduced pajamas for men and kids as well. Family matching pajamas and footed pajamas too are included in our inventory. With so much to shop for, how can you resist buying luscious pajamas!” concluded Jennifer while introducing a special line of footed pajamas for Christmas.

View the special line of plush footed pajamas at: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/pajamas-pajamaheaven/footed-pajamas.html. High end luxurious sleepwear for women, men and kids can be purchased at: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/.

About PajamaHeaven.com:

PajamaHeaven.com retails pajamas and sleepwear for women in luxury fabrics. The luxury pajama store offers free shipping across US with every purchase over $79. PajamaHeaven guarantees that every purchase from the store will be heavenly soft. If for any reason there is a disagreement, the pajama store will take back the item no questions asked within 30 days.

PajamaHeaven's pajamas and accessories are high end and luxurious. The collection is designed by the most popular brands and designers.

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