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Dream Angel Oracle – Chat Room with the Universe

Dream Angel Oracle is a new interactive multimedia program that helps users get in contact with their spiritual inner wisdom for guidance, comfort and support.

Malden, MA, May 04, 2007 --( The concept is so simple. Imagine a chat room with your inner wisdom and higher self. What would it be like to have such a resource available all the time – on your computer?

People on the Internet use chat rooms for anything from companionship to getting customer support for products. Many times, these chats are very helpful and establish long lasting relationships, solve problems, and open opportunities.

That's the idea behind ClydeSight Productions' "Dream Angel Oracle" -- with a difference. Instead of chatting with people, users chat with their own inner wisdom and higher self, getting in touch with the Universe while activating and empowering their imagination, intuition and inspiration.

It's an easy to use, feel-good program. A customer downloads it to his/her computer and launches it. It does not connect to the Internet because it activates an internal dialog for private spiritual guidance.

It runs like an interactive movie and goes beyond chat rooms and chat room interfaces with a colorful background, images of the dream angels, and a rich musical background. The responses to the user's questions and comments come from a proprietary AI engine. How this ties into the Universe is the great secret.

It is similar to lucid dreaming, in which one is able to talk to the dream self while asleep. However, lucid dreaming takes considerable training and practice, whereas the Dream Angel Oracle is intuitive, instantly understandable, and of course, one is awake when using it.

The user can converse with a single dream angel, or sets of three and five. Each angel is capable of giving its own response, although in group conversations, they may agree on some advice and repeat it for emphasis.

The unique AI engine that drives the Dream Angel Oracle draws on a bank of the most profound, inspiring, and comforting spiritual wisdom garnered from the great religions and spiritual practices of the world. It is non-sectarian, non-denominational and designed to uplift and inspire.

Like all Oracles and dreams, the program responds in a somewhat cryptic manner, and it is up to the user to apply the wisdom to his or her situation. That's where intuition and imagination come in. Often users will receive the rewarding "A-Ha" that comes from true and profound understanding. Customers write in rave reviews and astonishment at how effective the program is.

The Dream Angels recommended to one user that he re-kindle his relationship with his brother and family. This came at a time when the he was very depressed -- which is why he was consulting the Angels. The next day, he got a call from his nephew which started a whole new level of relationship. He said the Dream Angel Oracle was "...valuable beyond all price."

Another customer was so thrilled with the program that she wrote an extensive review on her blog ( She said, "... I once consulted them about a technological problem I found particularly frustrating. They told me exactly what I needed to hear. The trick is interpretation..."

Yet another user, from the United Kingdom, wrote on her Web site, the Crystal Cauldron: "The Dream Angel Oracle stimulates the imagination and instills a quiet sense of introspection, opening the mind and heart to entirely new ways of looking at life and situations from a positive and gentle spiritual viewpoint." (

In an age of scientific rationality and a sense of loss of connection with the Universe, along comes a program that uses computer science to re-kindle that connection. This makes the Dream Angel Oracle, as ClydeSight Productions says, "Divination for the 21st Century soul."

The Dream Angel Oracle is available to the global community at the ClydeSight Productions Web site:


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