Free Independent Web Marketing Product Review Site Launched

Sydney, Australia, May 04, 2007 --( Pkorbs today launched its ‘Net Salaries’ Product Review website. The Net Salaries website reviews the most prolific money making programs currently available on the internet, and separates those that are genuine and legitimate from those which are scams or rip-offs.

The Profit Lance Automated Wealth Course is rated as their top program, wherein if one can utilise the skills being taught, an income of between US$300- US$1000 is possible. The course is essentially an ‘online learning environment’ consisting of: video tutorials, project exercises and a plethora of regularly updated articles and e-books through which understanding and applying internet marketing concepts become second nature to the user. The advantage of the Profit Lance course is that it covers all aspects of making money online in depth, and provides ongoing support and learning materials which adapt to the trends of generating profit online.

The ‘Adwords Confessions’ e-book also rates well on the ‘Net Salaries’ Product Review website, and describes how the owner Steve Lee Jones earns at least three figures a day utilising the knowledge in the course. What increases the value of this e-book is that Steven discusses the actual studies and examples he has conducted himself and reveals all of his statistical information. One can learn various tips on improving ones advertising campaigns to make them convert consistently- including words which sell, and basic advice on copywriting.

The ‘Affiliate Project X’ program is also reviewed and is shown to be beneficial for intermediate to advance affiliate marketers. The course is based around 6 core methods designed to maximise affiliate income by investigating what products are selling and implementing methods to offer better value than other affiliates, or mimic what successful affiliates are already doing.

The ‘Net Salaries’ Product Review website provides free and independent reviews of the most beneficial money making opportunities and programs online. Visitors are made aware of illegitimate money making schemes and potential ‘scam’ sites. The fundamentals of making money online are also explained in detail, providing visitors with a good grounding to evaluate the products being reviewed.

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