Signalman Publishing Announces Release of "Symbolic Logic and the Binomial Expansion"

Mathematician and veteran educator Dick Forringer produces workbook as a resource for other educators and math students who want to learn mathematical logic.

Kissimmee, FL, December 18, 2011 --( Signalman Publishing is proud to announce the release in paperback and as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble nook and the Apple iBookstore, of "Symbolic Logic and the Binomial Expansion: Two Math Projects" by mathematician and educator Richard Forringer of Durham, North Carolina.

"Symbolic Logic and the Binomial Expansion" are subjects that are often mentioned in High School and College math courses. The two projects contained in this book have been carefully developed by veteran educator, Dick Forringer, to help the student achieve a more in-depth understanding of these concepts. The projects are designed to be done independently or they can be incorporated into the curriculum of any math course from second semester algebra and beyond. Forringer stated, "Students who complete these projects will gain a stronger appreciation of what it means to think logically and they will see how two seemingly unrelated areas of study connect in ways that strengthen both."

Areas of focus in this workbook include:
Truth Tables
Compound Truth Tables
Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive

Symbolic logic (also known as mathematical logic) is foundational to many fields of study such as computer science and engineering. Those who have an understanding of symbolic logic and the binomial expansion will be better prepared for further courses of study in mathematics, science, and engineering.

John McClure, President of Signalman Publishing, added, "Dick Forringer’s enthusiasm for mathematics and these topics in particular show through every page of this book and we think that enthusiasm will translate to the student. Never underestimate the power of students that are excited to learn."

"Symbolic Logic and the Binomial Expansion" (ISBN: 978-1-935991-37-3, $12.99, Non-fiction/Mathematics) from indie book publisher Signalman, is distributed through Amazon, Barnes &, and the Apple iBookstore.

About Richard Forringer

Dick Forringer received his Bachelors Degree from Kent State University, majoring in mathematics and he earned his Masters in Education from Fordham University. He retired after 42 years of being a teacher and administrator at Durham Academy, in Durham, North Carolina. He is a recipient of the F. Robertson Hershey Distinguished Faculty award and the Brumley Excellence in Teaching award. Dick has also had three feature articles published in Mathematics Teacher. This is his second published book.

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