B2C E-Commerce is Gaining More Ground Worldwide

The recently published report series by Hamburg-based market research firm yStats.com analyzes in all detail various aspects of global B2C E-Commerce. Aside from general market trends, major players, product categories and trends are analysed and presented in more than 60 countries, resulting in a comprehensive overview of global B2C E-Commerce trends.

Hamburg, Germany, December 21, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The recently published yStats.com series comprises the following four reports: “Global B2C E-Commerce Market Report 2011,” “Global B2C E-Commerce Players Report 2011,” “Global B2C E-Commerce Assortments Report 2011” and “Global B2C E-Commerce Trends Report 2011.”

Market development – Asia continues its rise

The “Global B2C E-Commerce Market Report 2011,” the first report in the yStats.com series, features data relating to internet users and online shoppers along with revenue figures for most markets. In 2011, already more than two billion people worldwide used the internet and based on the latest predictions this figure is expected to exceed 3 billion by 2015. Global B2C E-Commerce revenue was approximately 400 to 600 billion US dollars in 2010 and is expected to grow further to 700 to 950 billion by 2015. Asia will continue to play a major role in this development, considering that internet penetration has been relatively low in many countries of this region. The percentage of B2C E-Commerce revenue compared to total retail revenue is 8% in more developed markets, such as France or Great Britain, and could continue to increase to 10 % over the next few years. In less developed B2C E-Commerce markets, this share is still far below 3%.

Major players – Amazon.com dominates worldwide
The “Global B2C E-Commerce Players Report 2011” is the second report in the yStats.com series. It presents profiles and rankings of the major players in the developed markets. Profiles comprise information regarding business models, product categories and strategic news and – for selected competitors – revenue figures. The report focuses mostly on traditional online shops, but newer business models, such as private shopping sites, are also covered. The global market leaders include Amazon.com (USA), OTTO Group (Germany) and PPR (France). However, further B2C E-Commerce players like Rakuten (Japan) or Ozon (Russia), which continue to grow and expand rapidly, are featured in the report. In the category group shopping, rankings are presented for selected countries – the most important global player in this segment being Groupon.

Product categories – Consumer electronics and fashion popular worldwide
In the “Global B2C E-Commerce Assortments Report 2011,” the third report in the yStats.com series, detailed information is given on the most popular product categories in different markets. The data were sourced from polls and – for selected countries – from revenue figures. Overall, “Consumer electronics” and “Fashion” rank as very popular categories in most countries. Purchasing food items online has not yet successfully established itself as a trend – only Great Britain is ahead of the curve in this segment.

Trends – Group shopping and mobile shopping continue to gain ground
The “Global B2C E-Commerce Trends Report 2011” is the fourth and final report in the yStats.com series. Aside from B2C E-Commerce trends, it also provides a detailed analysis of internet use in different regions. For selected countries also information is given about the rapidly growing segment of group shopping along with payment methods and logistics in E-Commerce. Mobile internet use continues to expand and the resulting increase of M-Commerce is another development covered in the report.

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