Twin Draft Guard® Helps Canadians Conserve Energy Without Breaking the Budget

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, excess air leakage in homes can increase utility bills by 30 percent. Today, Canadians are under increasing pressure to conserve energy, not only to help keep their bank accounts buoyant, but to help the environment as well. Most people think this can be an expensive tradeoff, but it can be as simple as using affordable, easy-to-use products like Twin Draft Guard®.

Toronto, Canada, December 22, 2011 --( The survival guide for Canadian winters, if there was such a thing, would probably consist of a massive shopping list. From winter tires to mittens, Canadians find their wallets shrinking every year as soon as the first snow storm hits. However, one thing that will help Canadians put a little money back into their pockets is Twin Draft Guard®. Northern Response International Ltd. (“Northern Response”) introduced Twin Draft Guard to Canada to help keep the season warm and toasty.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, excess air leakage in homes can increase utility bills by 30 percent. Twin Draft Guard® was introduced to help overcome this exact problem. The product boasts a double-sided insulated design to keep cold air out and warm air in. It’s an affordable option to create a tight seal around windows and doors. The Twin Draft Guard® can also be used to seal out light, noise, insects, dirt and dust.

Twin Draft Guard® is fully adjustable, which means it can be cut to fit virtually any sized door or window up to 36 inches. It slides in easily to fill gaps and does not need adjusting after repeated use, even on carpet. It is available in a single-pack or two-pack version.

Northern Response also offers other products for home insulation under the Twin Draft Guard® name. They include the Twin Draft Guard® Vent Cover, Twin Draft Guard® Door Guard Extreme and Twin Draft Guard® Window Guard.

“There is an increased pressure for Canadians to conserve energy nowadays, but not everyone can afford to install new windows and doors,” commented Meena Verma, Product Marketing Manager at Northern Response. “Twin Draft Guard® provides an extremely cost-effective alternative to lower energy bills and be environmentally-conscious.”

Most major Canadian retailers carry Twin Draft Guard®, including Walmart, Zellers and Sears at a suggested retail price of $14.99 for the single-pack. To place an order online, Canadians can visit and take advantage of the exclusive web offer.


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