Microsoft Across America Tour Comes to Prince William County

Occoquan, VA, May 05, 2007 --( The Microsoft Across America Tour is scheduled to visit The Computer Doctor, a Microsoft Certified Partner based in Prince William County, Virginia. The Tour features live demonstrations on products such as the newly released Window’s Vista operating system, offering direct customer interaction with the Microsoft and the Computer Doctor’s technical staff.

The Microsoft tour will be joining The Computer Doctor, a Microsoft Certified Partner, for a customer appreciation event in the Town of Occoquan. Thirty minute tours will be available beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15th and advance registration is required. Business owners, managers, IT professionals and knowledge workers who need scalable business solutions for today’s mobile work force are invited to attend the hands-on demonstration. Bryanna Altman, Founder and CEO for the Computer Doctor said, “We’re thrilled to have been selected by Microsoft to participate in this exciting event.”

Microsoft has spent millions of dollars customizing a tractor trailer that is fully-loaded with the latest in next generation technology. “What a great way to get Microsoft in front of our customers,” said Bryanna. "We implemented Windows Vista on desktops and laptops in our own office environment shortly after the first beta release. The initial phase allowed us to co-exist between Windows XP and Vista while testing program compatibility and system resources in preparation for our customer roll out,” said Bryanna. Early adoption helped The Computer Doctor move to the inside track, gaining the edge in Northern Virginia as a transitional expert in Windows Vista.

Altman recognized a digital divide occurring between small and large companies in the 90’s. In 1999 she launched The Computer Doctor offering professional on-site computer and network engineering services targeting small business and home office customers. “At the height of the explosion it was common to turn away small business customers. These were folks who either couldn’t justify or afford a full-time IT person or for what they could afford the skill level for was inadequate. Just 10 years ago, we brought the customer to Microsoft for a tour of the Campus in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft was its own best customer and technology advocate, supporting an International business model, thousands of employees working in decentralized offices around the world. Going to the Microsoft campus is always exciting, but the truck tour is ideal for our small business customers. We can accomplish the same thing without the jet lag.”

“With the advancement of technology, it has allowed The Computer Doctor to deliver affordable and scalable business solutions that are tailored to exactly meet our customers’ needs. We use the Internet to connect us remotely to our client’s network for remote monitoring, desktop support and data backups and send in Certified Professional engineers as needed for server and desktop maintenance or special projects. Technology has enabled us to provide these services for a fraction of the cost of a salaried computer guy," said Bryanna.

“As small business experts, we’ve touched 100’s of “out of the box” and specialty application software programs that run on the Windows platform. We have done our own software compatibility testing in addition to Microsoft’s research and development team. We can’t take anything for granted. For small business customers, maximum up time and productivity are critical success factors. With the advancement of Vista and 64-bit technology, computers can be configured to dual boot so older legacy programs can still be supported on Windows XP Pro until newer versions or patches come available. We apply a phased approach to the transition rather than a complete cut over," said Bryanna.

“Vista is the foundation of future technology," said Bryanna. Vista is designed to default to the new Internet called IPv6. America lags behind in our global transition to a safer and more secure Internet. Vista automatically defaults to the new Internet IPV6. All Government Agencies have been federally mandated to transition to IPv6 by June of 2008, thanks to the effort of Congressman Thomas Davis in the 11th Congressional District where The Computer Doctor is located.

Ralph Altman, IT Director for The Computer Doctor said, “These solutions are good for business and Government. Using a pocket pc phone that is the size of a deck of cards, I can use familiar programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Power Point that run on Windows Mobile 5.0. I can accomplish whatever I need to do from anywhere, as if sitting at my desktop at the office,” said Ralph.

The pocket pc phone also serves as a state if the art PDA, MP3 player, 2 mega-pixel digital camera, video camera recorder, thumb drive and modem. Internet access is springing up everywhere, like in the Town of Occoquan, VA where a private company offers free Internet access to the public. Pocket PC phone users can head to Reuben’s Bakery along waterfront for coffee and pastry in the morning and still be as productive as if sitting in the office. Having the ability to respond to email, review a spreadsheet, edit a Power Point presentation, create and submit an expense report on line or collaborate with co-workers in real time around the globe.

Come see for yourself and experience the Microsoft Across America Tour and meet your local Microsoft representative and local Certified solution provider. Next Generation is now.

About The Computer Doctor
The Computer Doctor, LLC, an information technology services company, offers PC and Network infrastructure support to small businesses. Serving Prince William County since 1999, the locally owned and operated firm designs, installs and supports computer networks and offers consulting services for enterprise software solutions.

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