Laser Spine Institute Provides Ergonomic Holiday Tips for Preventing Injury

Leader in Endoscopic Spine Surgery Provides Tips to Prevent Injury During Cleaning, Decorating and Gift Wrapping This Holiday Season.

Tampa, FL, December 23, 2011 --( Bill Horne, CEO of Laser Spine Institute (, the leader in endoscopic spine surgery, has announced that Laser Spine Institute has developed ergonomic tips for the holiday season in an effort to prevent potential injury. Pain in the lower back is the most commonly reported pain in the United States, and much of it can be avoided by taking the correct precautions when partaking in the day-to-day activities of the season. Oftentimes individuals are busier than ever and become engrossed with holiday festivities and forget to exercise care in regard to house cleaning, decorating or holiday gift wrapping, which is why Laser Spine Institute has outlined the following tips.

Tip #1: Be careful with decorating that requires climbing. For those who have poor balance, allow others to complete the decorating duties that require climbing. National statistics report that more than 10,000 people are treated each year for injuries related specifically to decorating. Avoid standing on furniture while decorating your home and choose the appropriate stool, utility or extension ladder when additional height is needed. Adhere to the specific device’s purpose, weight and height restrictions, which are outlined on the product label. Keep all items on an even, level surface and in situations when a ladder is required, apply the “1-To-4 Rule,” which means that the base of the ladder should be approximately 1 foot away from walls for every 4 feet the ladder rises. By placing boxes into hand held carts or on sturdy tables, there is less strain on the back, helping individuals lift within the “safety zone,” which is thigh to chest level.

Tip #2: Avoid back strain while wrapping gifts. While wrapping holiday gifts, select areas of the home with the most adequate lighting available and work from a height that will minimize the amount of leaning required. Wrapping gifts from the floor encourages poor posture, placing a great deal of stress and strain on the back, neck and legs. Because prolonged sitting adds additional stress to the lower spine and adversely affects lower body and leg circulation, plan holiday gift wrapping in advance so that you can break the tasks into shorter periods of sitting from table height to standing.

Tip #3: Be kind to your back when cleaning house. Using cleaning equipment that is light in weight and has a comfortable grip decreases the effort required by the user. While cleaning, keep overall posture and body mechanics in mind, take frequent breaks, limit the amount of leaning, and avoid looking up and down for extended periods of time.

“Some may be surprised that simple ergonomic principles focusing on comfort, efficiency, safety and productivity, can be applied to the day-to-day tasks of the holiday season,” said Horne. “By taking the opportunity to step back and evaluate the way in which these holiday tasks are being performed, individuals can improve overall posture and body mechanics, inevitably decreasing the chance for added strain on the back, neck and spine. We understand that not all pains can be avoided, but we hope to help individuals limit the chance of unwanted pain as they partake in the holiday season activities.”

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