Face Checks on Czechs

Who is the best mate for me? Will I have a long healthy life? Soon, even the Czechs will know that.

Simi Valley, CA, May 04, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The demand for the book Your Face Tells All has increased as a new territory, The Czech Republic, has published historian’s Erik and Ilona Kanto’s book on face reading. They say face reading is an ancient Chinese study of the meanings of different face shapes and what your ears, eyebrows, eyes and nose can tell about you and others. Your Face Tells All was first published in Scandinavia and recently in the US.

The international historians perceive face reading as both an art and science that give answers to many questions. Will I have a long healthy life? A happy marriage? Who is the best mate for me? Do I have the potential to become a famous actor or a prize-winning scientist?

In face reading, the ancient Chinese claimed features and other facial characteristics influence and define personality, internal gifts such as business acumen, your private sex life, even your popularity or lack of, according to these two historians. They say Chinese fathers picked mates for their daughters this way. However, the great Chinese minds of centuries ago do not consider any feature as strictly bad or good. If something is unfortunate, they ask what compensates that feature, and, as a result, what good will become of that. For instance, the ears represent life possibilities. A person with small ears may not be capable of holding onto his or her success, but then again, that person is often artistic with good taste and good manners.

Your Face Tells All comprehensively reveals all the basics of this mysterious Chinese art. It graphically shows—with frank photos of well-known Hollywood celebrities--examples of face types and features. “When people learn to understand their own personality, it guides them in their choice of careers and helps them get along with others,” the authors write.

The Czech Republic is a country in the very heart of Europe. It has firm roots rich and plentiful in history. And the historians believe their book on ancient Chinese face psychology might provide a link to past Czech culture. You can read much more on the net at facereading.cx.

John Wood