Top 5 Reasons Why Pay Per Click Ads Are Good for You

The advantages of Pay Per Click ads

Northridge, CA, May 05, 2007 --( For many, Pay Per Click advertisements are nothing more than a short-term marketing measure to be used just until the effects of search engine optimization are felt. Internet marketing experts, however, state that the customized ads in fact, provide more benefits than most people give them credit for. Here are some of them:

With PPC ads, you’re always at the top of the heap

In a perfect world, you would always have top ranking in search engine results page after your web site is optimized; unfortunately, we’re not even close. Getting on top of the list can take a lot of time and effort, and doubly more so if you’re targeting very popular keywords and phrases. PPC ads greatly increase the chance of your web site being seen by searchers even if thousands of other companies are competing for the same keywords. Fen Tan, one of the PPC ads specialists at Fruit Engine, an SEO web development company, states that advertising on programs like Google Adwords can actually save you time and resources by allowing you to “concentrate your SEO efforts (which are definitely more laborious) on campaigns that will have more fruitful results”.

You’re the boss (at least when it comes to your PPC ads)

With PPC ads, you get to choose how much you are willing to pay per click, how you would want your ads to be worded and how long you would want your ads to be displayed. “One good thing about PPC ads,” the PPC ads expert points out, “is that you’re in total control of your ads.” If you want to edit existing ads so you can announce a new promo for example, then nothing will stop you from doing so.

PPC ads can be used to ensure greater SEO success

“PPC ads,” says Ms. Tan, “is a relatively inexpensive means of testing if the keywords and phrases you chose to use to optimize your site will work or not.” PPC ads can help prevent the costly mistake of using ineffective keywords to optimize your site.

PPC ads allow you to pretend like you’re Big Brother

One PPC feature that makes the tool particularly attractive is the fact that it allows advertisers to extensively track their ads and how they are performing. With PPC ads, you’ll be informed of how many times the ads are clicked, the number of impressions, their average position, costs-per-click and other stats you’ll need to assess if the ads are worth the money you pay for them (remember, being micromanagers never hurt Bill Gates or Steve Jobs).

PPC ads help you help yourself

While many think that PPC ads bear only immediate results, the customized advertorials can actually benefit you in the long-term by helping you establish your brand. Like Ms. Tan pointed out, “if people, through your ads, regularly see the name of your company and web site, you can expect to leave an imprint on their minds and create an impact”.

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