ProInsights: Visualize Your Professional Network

XLabz Technologies Unveils ProInsights for iPad and Android Tablets: A revolutionary app that transforms one’s LinkedIn profile into brilliant infographics, thereby giving it a designer makeover and in the process helps unlock meaningful insights about themselves and their network.

Pondicherry, India, December 24, 2011 --( XLabz Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading mobile product development company, officially announced the release of their latest LinkedIn Infographics and Visual Insights app for the iPad and Android Tablets – ProInsights.

ProInsights is a powerful application that radically transforms the data from one’s LinkedIn profile into beautiful infographics. These infographics are presented as stunning visuals which help one discover fascinating insights and gain a completely different perspective on themselves and their entire LinkedIn network.

ProInsights presents to the user a host of intriguing insights, few of them being: their “LinkedIn Quotient,” the top countries and companies that one’s connections work in and a timeline of one’s career.

The “LinkedIn Quotient” is essentially a weightage given to one’s LinkedIn profile based on their reach, influence and what their standing in the LinkedIn community is. The user can also share all these insights on his social networks.

“The idea behind ProInsights was to create an app that not only added a designer’s touch to one’s LinkedIn profile, but also unlocks several thought-provoking insights that are not very evident just by going through plain text,” says Krishna Prathab R V, Founder and CEO – XLabz Technologies. “With ProInsights, users can always have access to a visual and interactive version of their LinkedIn profiles wherever they go.”

ProInsights comes with a very interesting feature called the “Connection Explorer” which helps the user view his connections in four convenient and interactive modes- Card Deck, Mosaic, Bird Eye and Spring Graph. In the Card Deck mode, profiles of one’s connections are displayed much like business cards while the Mosaic view displays one’s connections in a photo-album view, alphabetically. The Bird Eye view plots one’s connections on a map which makes it easy to locate them geographically. The Spring Graph mode is a highly interactive view, where one can view his network in nodes clustered by the number of connections that they have.

The Connection Explorer includes a powerful search tool aptly named “IntelliSearch.” IntelliSearch enables the user to deep search his network by skill-set, city, industry or just about any keyword, thus helping him zero in on the most relevant connections.

ProInsights is currently available for the iPad via iTunes and Android Tablets and can be downloaded here:

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Krishna Prathab