Nektony Disk Expert – An Efficient Disk Space Manager for Mac

Nektony is proud to introduce the release of Nektony Disk Expert, the newest product in the company’s line of tools for active Mac users.

Odessa, Ukraine, December 24, 2011 --( Disk Expert is a powerful disk space analysis and management tool that helps you organize your hard drive content and free up disk space. Disk Expert visually displays the file system usage and allows you to work up the content of the drive and free up valuable disk space.

The primary advantage of Disk Expert is that it provides detailed and accurate visual information about the content of your disk space. It enables you to analyze and manage the disk’s content usage and volume, by moving items from the disk to the special list from which they can be transferred to another drive or even deleted.

A common issue for Mac users is the need to manage bulky multimedia content, such as HD video, high-quality audio and huge photo collections. This content requires a large amount of hard drive space and eventually may cause disk space to be unavailable. In addition, many users were faced with a lack of hard drive space when installing new software, such as the recent Mac OS X Lion update.

Often, the issue tends to grow and leads to a dilemma: should you buy a new hard drive or organize your disk content on the existing one? This dilemma is exactly what Nektony Disk Expert provides a solution to.

The integration of Disk Expert Mac OS X into the system tools is the additional value of this software. Users can always preview a file using QuickLook and view details regarding the system’s information of the file with one click. The incredible speed of the scanning process means that the entire disk analysis will take just a couple of minutes.

Disk Expert supports HDD drives, CD and DVD discs, removable USB drives, mounted and even SMB disk images. It is an efficient solution that helps find the files and folders that take up disk space and clear them.

Nektony Disk Expert is the perfect choice for owners of large media collections, and a tool which will allow you to constantly keep your computer ready to store more media or install new software.

Pricing and Availability Nektony Disk Inspector is available at the Mac App Store and the Nektony online store for as low as $14.99.

The program requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later to operate.

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Nektony is a software development company with a passion for Apple technologies and products, and a commitment to release functional, stable and efficient applications for all Mac fans. The company’s software development experience allows it to work on projects of nearly any complexity and create products with outstanding usability.

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