World’s Highest Gig 2012

In May 2012 Music4Children goes to the highest trek in the world on the Mount Everest to break the world record for the highest gig in the world to raise money for there orphanage in Nepal.

London, United Kingdom, December 24, 2011 --( World record:

In May 2005 Music4Children broke the world record for the world’s highest gig on Mt. Everest.

Since then the record has been stolen from them, so in May 2012 they’re going even higher, to Mera Peak; the highest trek in the world at 6447m to break the world record and collect money for the orphanage in Nepal. When they broke the world record in 2005 they raised enough money to build an orphanage in Nepal. Money raised from the trip in May 2012 will finish the internals and look after sustainability for at least 2 years.

Music4Children is a charity founded in 2005 by a small group of musicians that where touched by the plight of the street children of Nepal. They founded a charity dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and homeless children around the world trough projects that break the negative cycles of homelessness, poverty, crime and abuse. It’s also an integral and vital part of the South London community, organizing outdoor events, workshops and confidence building project for young people in the capital.

The people who are joining Music4Children to the top of the world collect the money. They’re expected to raise 4000 pounds each. Of this money half goes to the trip and the other half is used for the orphanage. At the moment Music4Children is still looking for artists, sponsors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, fundraisers or anybody else to join them to the top of the world to beat the world record for the highest gig. Oz Bayldon the founder of Music4Children says: “We’re looking for all kinds of musicians for this auspicious gig but preferably ones with a strong sense of adventure and a head for heights. For those up for a challenge, I can guarantee this will be the most incredible venue you will have played, with the magnificent Mount Everest as your backdrop.”

The journey
After Mera Peak is reached they will descend. During this decent Music4Children will be performing in monasteries, and monks from these monasteries will be performing for them. Money raised from the passing trekkers will be donated to help the local children. After this the Kathmandu Street Festival is visited which is hosted especially for Music4Children. This has never been done before, and is another once in a lifetime experience. During this time, there is also a chance to go and see the orphanage that the travelers have helped to build and fund.


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