Beckendorf Gallery; Celebrating 40 Years in Business April 1971 – March 2012.

Fredericksburg, TX, December 24, 2011 --( Born from the vision of artist Charles Beckendorf, Beckendorf Gallery has slowly revealed itself to be one of the most unique and rich galleries in the Fredericksburg area. Newly released Limited edition prints and giclees are now made available for the first time since the passing of renowned artist Charles Beckendorf.

For the first time since the death of native Texas artist Charles Beckendorf, the Beckendorf Gallery will be releasing new artwork, including prints and giclees in limited edition. This new collection is a great way to celebrate the 40 years of existence of the Beckendorf Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The Beckendorf Gallery is currently located the beautiful downtown Fredericksburg, Texas. Visitors can get lost in rows of paintings, sculptures and books – all of which are the work of Charles Beckendorf. The gallery has been opened since 1971 and is now turning 40 years old, much to the happiness of the Beckendorf family.

Born and raised in Texas, Charles Beckendorf’s artwork is a timeless testimonial of the local beauty; paintings and sculptures beautifully depict animals and landscapes proper to the state of Texas. Beckendorf’s vision was focused on offering art to people of all walks of life – the prices are affordable and the themes featured appeal to the majority, rather than focus on the artistic elite.

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