Magic Rosin Breaks New Ground with Its Professional Grade Premium Rosin for Violin, Viola, and Cello

Magic Rosin returns with it’s new formula containing only 100% premium pine rosins with no other ingredients or fillers. No longer a “dark lump of mysterious concoction” Magic Rosin comes in cool designs and colors.

Minneapolis, MN, December 28, 2011 --( Magic Rosin, a premium rosin for violin, viola and cello, returns to the market with a new formula containing only premium pine resins. The new formula was developed by professional cellist and teacher, Sarah West and is hand-poured in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Professionals and students will appreciate the clean warm sound and feel of the new Magic Rosin.

Magic Rosin applies easily and provides excellent stiction and resistance. Ms. West describes the background of Magic Rosin. “Magic Rosin emerged, in part, as a result of my search for a grippy but not gummy rosin. I learned that many rosins contain dyes, waxes, and other fillers. I wanted to find a way to make a rosin with no ingredients other than actual rosin. Magic Rosin is made from premium rosins that have been modified and purified for other industries. I’ve been really happy about the way Magic Rosin has been received.”

Because of the purification process of some of these rosins, Magic Rosin’s appearance is almost clear, so the Magic Rosin company is taking full-advantage, pouring the rosin on papers with different designs, bringing out holograms and sparkles, and even coins, that can be seen beneath the rosin. No sparkles or colors are in the actual rosin. Even professionals are entranced by this unusually beautiful rosin.

As Ms. West puts it, “Somehow Magic Rosin has changed the look and feel of a 300 year old product. No longer is violin rosin a dark lump of mysterious concoction. Magic Rosin isn’t mysterious, it’s only rosin. I’m glad people think it looks cool! I come from a long line of artists so it was natural to want to put some art into the rosin. In fact some of the Magic Rosin designs are paintings by my father and grandmother.”

Magic Rosin is partnering with superstar cellist, Tina Guo for the Tina Guo line of Magic Rosin featuring images of Tina Guo and steampunk rosin designs.

The Magic Rosin company has also made donations of rosin to string programs including Quartet of Peace, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and to local string programs and school programs.

Magic Rosin comes in two sizes: medium and mini. Dealer and Distributor pricing and customization is available.

For more information about Magic Rosin, please visit or call 1-877-58-MAGIC for more information.

Magic Rosin is a new, professional grade rosin for violin, viola and cello. It is formulated from only premium pine rosins, with no other ingredients and was developed by professional a professional cellist. Magic Rosin comes in cool colors and designs and is customizable.

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Magic Rosin
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