Nutritionistics Releases New Ebook with Personalized Carbohydrate and Calorie Calculator for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Austin, TX, December 28, 2011 --( Nutritionistics, owned and operated by Mandy Seay, a registered and licensed dietitian, has released its first eBook, Your Best Health, which contains a step-by step guide on carbohydrate counting and a personalized carbohydrate and calorie calculator for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes or those who just want to lose weight.

Your Best Health was designed to help people with diabetes find reliable health information along with personalized carbohydrate amounts to aid them not only in blood sugar control but also weight loss.

Your best Health provides a carbohydrate and calorie calculator for adults that gives personalized estimates based on age, weight, height and activity level. The calculator can be used an unlimited amount of times and has the option for both weight loss and weight maintenance.

Carbohydrate counting is not just for people with diabetes; according to the Mayo Clinic, "it is the best eating plan for almost anyone."

The step-by-step guide is not a diet, it is a manual on how to use the numbers given by the calculator to reach optimal health. No food is off limits, there are no diet foods to consume and the plan is very flexible. Certain foods are highlighted as “cheat” foods, free foods and/or replacement foods but any and all foods can be incorporated.

After discovering the amount of misinformation people receive regarding diabetes and weight management, Mandy decided to start Nutritionistics as a way to provide reliable information about health. She states, “With the growing problem of diabetes and obesity, creating a carbohydrate/calorie counter and a step-by-step guide seemed imperative to providing easy access to those who might not be able to see a dietitian personally.”

Your Best Health can be purchased at or Smashwords, with special holiday pricing until January 7, 2012.

Mandy Seay, RD, LD