"Unemployment as an Opportunity" by Marcus Valentiner

Overwhelmed by the challenges of looking for a job? Some usual and unusual steps to guide you through the process of job-search and life.

Bayonne, NJ, December 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- With the official unemployment rate around 9% for more than two years and the average duration of persons unemployed at 40 weeks (according to data from United States Department of Labor/ Bureau of Labor Statistics: www.bls.gov/home.htm), most job-searchers are not only overwhelmed by the challenges of looking for a job but also by the psychological effect of being out of work. The book “Unemployment as an Opportunity” by Marcus Valentiner (ISBN 9780983799702) blends a practical job-search guide, demonstrating usual and unusual techniques that successfully lead you through the process with an inspirational real-life self-help book about motivation, energy, life and personal development and presents it as one real story, which it actually is. It is entirely based on his experience while he was unemployed and looking for a job for more than two and a half years.

Unemployment has always been part of our economic system and job-search and recruiting became an industry that often leaves the unemployed individual in a passive and almost dependent role without providing effective advice.

This new book provides the practical advice and mental support combined that an unemployed person is looking for. “Unemployment as an Opportunity” explains how to start the job-search game with seriously analyzing yourself, getting the information you need and actively reaching out to employers, even contacting managers directly. Furthermore it describes how to leave an impression during interviews and highlights the importance of following up and managing your expectations. At the same time, it shows that it is critical to understand that only the right mindset and the right approach will get you the job you are looking for. Recognizing that you are the most important person in the world, that every situation in your life offers an opportunity, that life itself is a gigantic game and knowing the rules of the job-search game will leave you relaxed, confident and motivated. “Take every minute in your life and live the moment, take every situation of your life and enjoy playing the game and never ever stop believing in yourself. Then, even unemployment turns out to be an opportunity!”

“Unemployment as an Opportunity” will not only be helpful for all individuals who became unemployed and look for a new occupation, it will also be a good guide for all those who are just curious to learn about some different techniques searching for a job or moving on in their career. Furthermore, this book will be inspirational for every one who simply wants to improve her/his life, approach things in a more positive way and stay motivated until any kind of goal is reached.

Marcus Valentiner works as a stock-broker, trader and market analyst in New York, NY and currently builds his career-coaching business. Over the last year he documented all experience and skills he gained and wrote this book that also provides a highly interesting “behind-the-scene”-view of the corporate hiring process.

For more information about the book please contact Marcus Valentiner at V.O.L.T.A.I.C. Media & Consulting LLC; 122 West 39th Street, Suite D6; Bayonne, NJ 07002; e-mail: info@volt-aic.com or see www.volt-aic.com.

Marcus Valentiner