Blow Out Winter Discounts for Insulation and Radiant Barrier Installations

Bitumen Insulation offers big blow out winter discounts for insulation and radiant barrier installations. Available to new and old residential customers, the discount offer is good until January 30, 2012.

Houston, TX, December 30, 2011 --( New for 2012, an Insulation Houston-based company offers huge deals for their “WOW” System. With the unveiling of the new addition: insulated paint and insulated pipe wrapping also comes the increase in area coverage for services.

The WOW System is a system that combines: insulation, radiant barrier, weatherization and ventilation all installed properly to a house or business to save on utilities and bring added comfort. The idea increases the savings for Houstonians and customers in the surrounding counties. Now serving all of Texas, the company continues to offer superior insulation, radiant barrier, ventilation, weatherization, insulated pipe wrap and insulated paint at great prices. The additional insulated paint and pipe wrapping cover attics, walls, ceilings, sub-floors under the house, air chase areas hidden behind walls, hot walls in attics that are adjacent a room. The insulated paint is a ceramic based insulated paint that is for interior and exterior walls which lowers the heat transfer into the house in the summer and helps keep it warmer in the winter. It is a newly introduced technology from Germany that can make people feel more comfortable in their homes and be happier.

Winter discounts are ongoing and will end on January 30; however, the new discounts for summer will start on the same day. The discount offer is open to all new and old residential customers. Business establishment owners, on the other hand, should watch out for more added features applicable to commercial buildings, as well as superb deals in the future.

“Insulation Texas and the 'WOW' System is helping customers save up to 50% plus,” says Chris Burke, the insulation guru. “The company is tackling several areas of the home in order to knock down the utility bills for our customers.” Chris also notes that the average savings after a complete insulation, radiant barrier, weatherization and ventilation package is already saving homeowners around 35 plus percent. They saw a drop on their utility bills within the first month when the services and products were availed. “Bitumen Insulation likes it when we hover around the 45 to 50% mark and we’re finding ways to add to that percentage of savings on a daily basis.”

The already popular, “WOW” System is gaining in popularity. Chris says, “When the 'WOW' System was unveiled, we didn’t know what to expect. I knew we needed to do something to help with Houston insulation and the rise in utility cost. This was treated as a workable solution with weekly staff meetings and product testing to combine the right skills and materials to better help our customers.”

Though the company has perfected the system, it will continuously work on the, “WOW” System in order to better take care of their customers. “We won’t let them down. It’s not just about a quick ten inches of insulation, grab the check and run anymore,” notes Chris. Each home receives a custom plan to address the needs of the homeowner.

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