Mural Art Helps Personal and Business Dwellings with Productive Atmospheres

Mural painting by a professional artist can help with the atmosphere of your home, or the promotion of your business. Learn why investing in artwork can help move your personal or business life forward with momentum.

Denver, CO, December 31, 2011 --( G.Go Decorative, a Denver based Mural Painting Business, has just announced a new update to their mural work portfolio.

It may be interesting to know that spending money on the best things money can buy, can actually help you make money. How does this theory apply to mural art? A stress free environment lends itself to a more productive and rewarding life. Whether in business or at home, a custom mural painted in a specific area can create a shift in mood. A mural is a message to the viewer, and can portray a fond memory, a goal, or promote the capabilities of a business. This shift in mood can be the key to taking you from a place of fear to a place of hope. This may be all the momentum you need to take a step toward being happier, and more productive.

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Gary Gomez, Owner of G.Go Decorative Murals - Denver, takes pride in what they do. "With my mural work, I strive to consistently provide a painted atmosphere that represents the highest level of skill, precision, and sophistication - even for a nursery room!"

There are several areas where a mural can make an impact: Children's rooms and nursery rooms, architectural and art niches, wine cellars, dining areas, over fireplaces, bathrooms, play rooms, ceilings, foyers, home theaters, accent walls, range hoods, and virtually any surface.

When deciding on a subject for your mural, think about the goal of this artwork. It should have meaning and purpose. For example, some people choose to have a mural in their home to represent something important to them, like their cultural heritage. Others need to enhance or improve the architecture, such as a low ceiling, or an empty wall. Corporate murals are custom created specifically for businesses and corporations, in order to promote slogans, logo, welcome lobby, signage, and for enhancing corporate image.

A mural is a work of art when performed by experienced and seasoned mural artists. You are not only buying the work of art that will adorn your wall, you are also hiring the artist for their talent and their time.

G.Go Decorative makes sure your mural serves a purpose, and achieves it's goal while remaining artistic and pleasing to look at for years to come.

For more information, contact Gary Gomez, Owner, G.Go Decorative Murals - Denver at 303-946-4300, or visit their website at,, or their online portfolio at

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