American Top Team Reduces Management/Training Fee to 5%

Coconut Creek, FL, January 03, 2012 --( Please be advised that American Top Team is changing the rates it charges for management and training. The prior rates of 20% for management/training and 10% for training only are being replaced by a flat fee of only 5%. The 5% covers both management and training. If a fighter has his own management, the fee is still 5% for training. Each month, the 5% will be paid out to the staff at the gym. Everyone who works at the gym, from coaches to front desk personnel, will share in the 5%.

American Top Team is making this change for a couple of reasons. The obvious reason is to help American Top Team fighters by allowing them to keep more of the money they earn. Next, this change will help all those who work at the gym and do so much behind the scenes to make their team successful by giving them a monthly bonus equal to the 5%.

For more info about management and/or training at American Top Team, please contact Richie at

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Richie Guerriero