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Northampton, United Kingdom, January 03, 2012 --(, a highly successful developer of call tracking software based in the UK has written a comprehensive blog post about the benefits of call tracking software and how it assists staff training and performance.

Since 2004, Calltracks Limited has developed a comprehensive keyword and call tracking software package for business. The software has a variety of uses and has been extensively used by companies to measure their success of online marketing campaigns.

Due to the call tracking software’s capability to record telephone calls, the software has also benefited companies who use it to determine training gaps and to address motivation issues among staff.

CEO and founder of Calltracks, Stuart Buckley, wrote extensively on this topic in his guest blog on Link-optimise, which is entitled “Tracking Business Phone Calls Improves Staff Performance” in which he states:

“In general there are two experiences which can impact negatively on a customer and client.

“The staff member has training gaps: Here the staff member tries to help them but comes across as incompetent, which not only could infuriate the customer, but could also impact negatively on your company’s reputation.

“The staff member exhibits a poor attitude: Here the staff member comes across as unfriendly or unhelpful which could cause emotional distress or dissatisfaction to a customer, once again a bad reputation for your company could ensue.”

The decision to invite to guest blog on Link-optimise was explained by technical director of the company, Phil Wood.

“Keyword and call tracking is growing into a highly competitive, huge industry. The decision made itself, especially considering they are the only UK call tracking company which can track a keyword from first click or phone call to the completed sale. Amazing stuff.”

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About was established in 2004 and is based on an idea by CEO Stuart Buckley. They are pioneer in the call tracking and conversion attribution measurement. Their call tracking software has many benefits in multiple areas of business including the performance management of staff; call recording and analysis, sales lead management, keyword tracking, and prospecting.

About was founded by two people: Phil Wood and Richard Teahon in 2009. Since then the pair have managed to promote websites from various industries across search engines and social media with positive results.

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