YUVsoft Releases 2D–to–Stereo 3D Conversion Plugins for the Foundry NUKE

Moscow, Russia, January 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- YUVsoft Corp., a software R&D company, announced the release of its 2D to 3D Suite as a set of plugins for NUKE compositing software to complement the existing versions for the Adobe After Effects environment. The software accelerates and increases the quality of professional semiautomatic stereo 3D conversion performed by film post-production companies, VFX companies and 3DTV studios. The software supports the now prevalent depth-based 2D-to-3D conversion approach.

Like its After Effects counterpart, the software includes tools for quick, nearly automatic construction of plausible initial depth maps, as well as depth map editing and high-quality stereo generation. The advantage of the software is its ability to work effectively with traditional rotoscoping-based techniques, enabling trade-offs between conversion speed, cost and resulting stereo quality. Moreover, YUVsoft’s 2D to 3D Suite provides tools to improve the results of manual processing:

· Border refinement of roto masks
· Addition of realistic details to hand-painted depth maps to avoid the cardboard effect when the depth map has insufficient grading and the stereo looks unnaturally flat

The product’s key features include:

· Automatic generation of realistic depth maps in many cases using several approaches—rotoscoping may only be necessary for important objects, and only for certain frames thanks to the propagation tool
· Depth propagation from key frames—using hand-painted or automatically generated depth maps for just a few frames from a scene, the software can automatically calculate the depth maps for the entire scene. The same tool can also propagate edits.
· Depth map refinement tools—provides control over the depth map’s detail level and mask border accuracy
· High-quality stereo generator—provides fully automatic stereo generation from 2D+Depth with optional user-guided background reconstruction for maximum quality. Special accurate processing of transparent fuzzy edges of foreground objects.

Using 2D to 3D Suite, a small team of just 10 people can convert a full-length movie within one to two months, depending on the movie’s type and quality requirements. For the highest-quality conversion with extensive rotoscoping, the software can increase productivity two times or more by supporting background depth generation and editing, depth refinement and high-quality stereo generation. The software is already in use and was successfully employed in converting several full-length movies and commercials with different conversion budgets and quality requirements.

For additional information, contact YUVsoft:
+1 (408) 426-5988

Company Background
YUVsoft Corp. is a private company formed by an R&D team from Moscow State University. YUVsoft develops products by applying more than 10 years of experience in video processing, image processing and multimedia compression, as well as several years of 2D+Depth and stereo video processing experience. Over the past five-plus years, YUVsoft has completed custom video processing projects for a number of large IT companies.

Dmitriy Vatolin