New Book Continues American Tradition of Skewering Politicians

A new humor eBook about the GOP, Conservative commentators, and the candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination has just been released. It is a timely book that takes on the political and sexual views of the Right Wing by satirizing their past statements and actions.

Cleveland, OH, January 04, 2012 --( Filmmaker Michael Moore once said, "Democracy is not a spectator sport." Perhaps, but according to Cleveland comedy writer Paul Giglia, we Americans spend much of our entertainment time watching it on TV. "Every host on the late-night shows use at least part of their monologues to needle politicians," he says. "Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert have devoted their entire shows to satirizing our political system."

Having spent much of his adult life making people laugh – first as a comedian and then writing jokes for the likes of Jay Leno and Bill Maher (under the penname Paul Giles) – Giglia decided to take a hard look at the issues and attitudes that are front and center in the coming Republican Presidential nomination race. Where others might find discouragement and bewilderment, Giglia sees comedic gold.

Do Republican Women Get Horny? And Other Election Year Mysteries is his new eBook. Giglia says that while the title might lead you to think the book is all about sex, it’s mostly about the coming election’s GOP candidates and their right wing views.

“I’m a political junky,” says Giglia. “Plus my educational background and training are as a historian. I have a lot of criticisms for the Democrats, but after listening to what’s coming from the GOP, the Tea Party and FOX News, I decided to take a hard look at what they are really saying. What I found was that in spite of their telling us they want people to have more freedom and to keep government out of our lives, they really want government more involved in our most intimate relationships – and not in a good way. That 3:00 a.m. call they tell you they’re ready to answer? It’s actually a 3:00 a.m. call they’re ready to place to you to make sure you’re not doing anything they disapprove of in the bedroom.”

So what about the title? “Some of the people I have chapters on, such as Christine O’Donnell, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum have absolutely bizarre attitudes toward sex. That got me to wondering what their sex lives are like. Are they all as hypocritical as, say, Newt Gingrich is when it comes to family values? Only about 10% of the book deals with sexual issues, though. The rest of the book I reserved for their general political visions of our future.”

A future under current Republican theories isn’t a very pretty vision, according to Giglia. “Their political views are just as strange as their sexual, ethnic, and racial prejudices. But with the way I look at life, I also found them to be a source of real humor. So I did what I usually do in unpleasant circumstances: I make fun of them.”

Do Republican Women Get Horny? is now available for Kindle on for the Nook at, and in all other formats at

About Paul Giglia
Giglia began his comedy career after moving to San Francisco, where he became a regular at the famous Holy City Zoo, the comedy club that launched the careers of Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, and dozens of other top names in the business. It was there his material – and lack of great performance skills – came to the attention of other comedians, who asked to buy his jokes.

After returning to the Western New York area where he was raised, Giglia resumed his stand up comedy career and quickly became a regular at The Comedy Trap and the Comix Café in Buffalo, worked on the road in a number of northeastern states, and continued to write for other comics. Jay Leno often bought his jokes and used them in his Tonight Show monologues, as did Bill Maher for Politically Incorrect. Giglia was later hired as a staff writer for the Arts & Entertainment Network’s Caroline’s Comedy Hour, starring Richard Jeni, as well as national and local radio shows.

Now living in Cleveland, he’s enjoyed a career as a writer, editor, and an advertising copywriter for three large Cleveland-area corporations, but still freelances for speakers, corporate shows, and comedians, most recently one of the seven finalists on 2010’s Last Comic Standing.

Paul Giglia