Oldest Tool Sold as Newest Kitchen Gadget

Two San Diego based entrepreneurs launch www.amazingkitchenrock.com, offering the oldest tool known to man with a new twist. Like the "Pet Rock" except that this one actually does something.

San Diego, CA, January 04, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Two San Diego based entrepreneurs are marketing a rock as the latest “must have” kitchen tool. Sandra Cardet, owner of River Rock Promotions, says that humble stone tools are highly underrated in today’s high tech crazed world. “People sometimes forget the power of simple things. The Amazing Kitchen Rock is one of those things which, although considered low-tech by many, is in fact a deceptively effective tool that everybody needs.”

“We’ve always had kitchen rocks in our family’s kitchens. I never thought much about it until several friends mentioned that they had never seen anything like it,” says Cardet’s brother, Rey Alvarez, in charge of quality control. Alvarez is one of three who personally sort and select each rock from one-ton pallets. “You know, before we launched amazingkitchenrock.com, you couldn’t just go out and buy one of these, because they’re only sold by the ton. Then you have to go through the pile one by one, tossing out the ones that don’t make the grade until you find the perfect rock. Kitchen rocks are selected for shape, surface texture, and weight. It has to ‘feel right’ in the palm of your hand,” said Alvarez.

Working with partner Matt Morrison, Cardet developed a three minute infomercial that demonstrates how the Amazing Kitchen Rock is used. They posted the video on YouTube and on their website. Morrison became Sam the Rock Man, who, with his folksy manner and background banjo music demonstrates how the kitchen rock replaces other, more expensive kitchen tools.

“It crushes, it cracks, it peels, it pounds, it splits, it smashes, and it tenderizes!” are the words that Morrison’s loosely parodied Rock Man enthusiastically proclaims as he uses the kitchen rock to make short work of otherwise difficult cooking tasks. Corresponding foods, such as whole nuts, a garlic clove, steak and ice, are smashed with the rock, to the delight of viewers.

“I know it’s a cheap and cheesy infomercial, but I really believe in the product because it really works. I use one all the time now,” said Morrison.

The two former construction professionals decided that with the downturn in the building and remodeling business came an opportunity to do something new and different.

“Selling a useful product online is something that has interested me for some time, and when I told Matt about it, he agreed that this was something we should do,” said Cardet.

Morrison volunteered to build the website and develop the search engine optimization program. “I never realized that the Rock Man lived within me,” he said with a loud laugh and a wide grin. “Acting never interested me, but I knew that this was going to be a lot of fun.”

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