Author Challenges Reader to Another Concept of God

Author George B. Wallace offers a completely different understanding of God as being non-human with non-human concerns. The book also stresses that everyone plays an important role in God's plan and aspires to make the reader comfortably face God in life and beyond...

Honolulu, HI, October 31, 2005 --( Ever wonder what God really looks like? Who God really is? And your own relationship with Him?

Throughout many centuries human beings have used God to explain the mysteries of life and their own lives. They have attributed various meanings and forms of who God truly is.

And now author George B. Wallace addresses these theories and more in his book, Oh! God? Is that You? I Have a Question.

The book deals with a completely different understanding of God from the human male, fatherly figure that many believe Him to be. The book asks you to imagine God as not being human at all and having no human concerns.

George B. Wallace points out that images and examples of a non-human God can be found throughout the world in various religions. These images range from God as an elephant to a bear and even as a spider.

These are symbols, Wallace believes, which give human beings a meaning to God and to themselves. Though these symbols are not just restricted to religion.

The book examines that animals are used in ads--selling beer, soft drinks, and shoes--to help people identify a certain product as being tough, reliant, or dependable. And, in the case of religion, it helps people to identify with their idea of God.

The book also takes the reader on a thought-provoking journey where everyone plays a significant part in God's Plan. Wallace challenges the reader to see that we either must accept the plan or risk the consequences.

Furthermore, the book aspires to answer most religious questions dealing with one's personal relationship with God, life and death, the act of prayer, the presence of Evil, and the many religions in the world. The book also offers personal strength and guidance and putting faith in making life's many decisions. Though, most of all, the reader is meant to feel comfortable in facing God in life and beyond.

Wallace was inspired to write the book after conducting an online search on various forms of God. His main intention is to have the reader think of God in broader and non-humanistic terms.

All he wants is for the reader to take the extra step.

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