Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Recognizes First Time Graduates of "Another Way" Drug Treatment Program

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office recognized inmates who completed the Another Way substance abuse program. Inmates voluntarily went through the recovery program provided by the Drug Abuse Foundation of PBC and the Treatment center of the Palm Beaches. This was the first time inmates had an alternative to treatment since the closing of the Sheriff's Drug Farm. Chief Deputy Mike Gauger explains the “Another Way” program established in Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office:

Palm Beach, FL, January 05, 2012 --( Chief Deputy Mike Gauger explains the “Another Way” program established in Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office: “When we lost the drug farm, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw immediately wanted and recognized that the drug program is needed in our facility. This is a group that started at the beginning which is fledgling program. The Treatment Center and the drug abuse foundation are the ones who are paying for them to be here. It was not part of our budget due to the fact that we did not have the money in our budget. We opened this program on a shoestring. We tried to look to the staff to help us to develop a program that would be cost-effective that wouldn't cost the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and the taxpayers money because our budget before was in the four to five to six million dollar range and so this is has been opened up on the shoestring. The taxpayers are saving a big dollar for what's being done here because when you see these twenty-two guys and that they can stay straight and sober, that means that they are not incarcerated at the cost of twenty four to twenty six thousand dollars a year at a minimum. That means that they are not out being a negative part of society but yet going back and tax-paying productive citizens.”

William Lyman, “Another Way” Program Graduate says, “You think you want do the right thing but when your mind is somewhere else, you get off the wrong track sometimes. Through this program, it guides us into the right direction that I think we should be in.”

Susan Roy, Community and Professional Relations Director of The Treatment Center of Palm Beaches stated, “It really is wonderful to be a part of this program. It’s providing hope as we saw today to the inmates and it's providing them the opportunity to have a vision of what it can be like to live life without drugs and alcohol. The spirit that's here today was really inspiring and were happy to be part of the “Another Way” program because we really believe that no matter how far someone has fallen, that there is hope for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.”

Chief Deputy Mike Gauger finalized by saying, “You can see the emotion these guys had. They really want to turn their life around. They can all be redeemed if they are shown the way and that’s part of my job here. You listen to the stories of success from treatment programs like this and that's the answer. Sitting in jail is not the answer.”

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