New iPad Education App Delivers Colorful, Hands-on Way to Explore Plants and Their Life Cycle

Plants HD iPad app provides visually stunning multimedia experience with an innovative puzzle for elementary grade students to learn about plants.

San Francisco, CA, January 06, 2012 --( Sprout Labs today announced that it has released a new iPad app called Plants HD. Plants HD delivers high-quality interactive content about plants and their lifecycle. The app provides an in-depth look into topics such as seeds, germination, pollination, flowers, trees, fruits, and dispersal.

The main screen of the app shows the plant life cycle. Each part of the life cycle can be tapped to reveal a wealth of detailed information. Within each topic there is a narrated explanatory text that underlines line by line as it is read (narration can be turned on or off). There is also a stack of bright HD photographs with captions that can be flipped through, and a selection of did you know trivia facts that can be moved back and forth through. A multiple-choice pop quiz with three ascending levels is also included for each topic.

The "play" button can be pressed on the main screen to turn the life cycle into an interactive puzzle. If the pieces are placed in the correct order (they don’t need to be exactly in the same places the original cycle was in, just the correct sequence moving clockwise) the app congratulates your child. If incorrect your child is asked to try again – the pieces can be reordered until the puzzle is successfully completed.

The “Did You Know” section for each topic contains interesting facts like:

· A honey bee visits about two million flowers to make one pound of honey!
· One single cattail may produce a million tiny seeds!
· It takes energy from 50 leaves to produce an apple!

Plants HD was built in collaboration with Ginger Henderson who is an elementary school teacher and part-time freelance writer based in Alabama. She has spent a decade in public education and has written one children’s book and two fictional works for adults. In addition to her creative writing, Ginger has developed curricula for K-12 students as well as college level course material.

Plants HD iPad app features:

· Breathtaking HD pictures covering various topics; arranged like a deck of cards to shuffle

· Did You Know section with amazing facts about seed, germination, flowers and other topics

· Easy, Intermediate and Advanced level questions to test knowledge about various topics

· Earn coins by answering questions

· Puzzle game to reinforce learning

· Read along for beginning readers

· Listen to music while learning or turn it off

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Plants HD iPad app is now available on the Appstore and runs on iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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