Aloaha Releases New Versions of its PDF and Digital Signature Tools

New generation of Aloaha solutions integrate PDF and digital signatures in windows shell.

Ibbenbueren, Germany, May 09, 2007 --( Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH, a leading provider of content security, PDF and digital signature software, today announced an innovative upgrade for its popular Aloaha solutions. These new editions boast some completely new additional modules. Modules, with tighter shell integration, PDF signatures which can be also validated by future versions of PDF Readers, creation of PKCS #7 signatures and additional smart card support via PKCS #11 and CSP. The new architecture eases the creation of digital signatures and thus motivates the user to sign relevant business data.

"Existing Aloaha users can upgrade at no charge their versions of Aloaha PDF Suite, Aloaha PDF Saver, Aloaha PDF Signator and Aloaha sign!," said Stefan Engelbert. "With Aloaha signature solutions any user can experience the advantages of the new electronic health cards and e-ID cards without having to purchase extra signature cards."

Aloaha PDF Suite
The Aloaha PDF Suite is now integrated into the context menu of the Windows Explorer. User can create a PDF Signature with just a right click on the file. Image files are being converted automatically to PDF. Other files can be signed with a PKCS #7 signature. The enterprise editions “tosign” folder now also supports image files which are converted automatically to PDF before being signed.

Further information can be found on

Aloaha PDF Signator
This desktop solution for PDF Signatures now also supports PKCS #7 signatures for non PDF files, shell integration and additional signature attributes.

Please visit for further information.

Aloaha PDF Saver
This popular PDF form saver solution now open also non PDF image documents such as tif, fax, bmp, jpg and more. Image documents are automatically converted to PDF thus allowing the user to use such an image file as if it is a PDF form. Neither additional software nor rights enabled PDF documents are required to be filled and saved by Aloaha!

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Aloaha sign!
As a freeware tool it is suggested to install sign! on every desktop which needs to validate digital signatures. It has never been that easy to create a signature validation protocol for the archive.

The download link can be found on

Aloaha CSP / PKCS #11
Every Aloaha tool includes the new Aloaha CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) and PKCS #11 modules. From within Aloaha PDF tools the CSP can be used without extra licensing. To use those modules to sign emails, Winword Documents or authenticate to websites a valid Aloaha CSP license is required. Some smart cards are enabled to be used without any extra license. Please check with your card provider.

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