Thirtyseven4 Releases the Top 10 Android-based Malware Reported in 2011

Medina, OH, January 06, 2012 --( Antivirus and mobile security firm Thirtyseven4, LLC released today its inaugural end-of-year listing of the top ten Android-based malware reported in 2011. The report is based upon automated feedback collected from Thirtyseven4 and its partners.

The table below represents the top reported Android-based malware for 2011, number one being the most frequent.

Ranking Virus Name Percentage

1. Android.Lotoor.A 22%
2. Android.Lightdd.A 15%
3. Android.FakePlayer.A 11%
4. Android.Basebridge.A 10%
5. Android.Lotoor.B 8%
6. Android.DroidKungFu.A 8%
7. Android.Bgserv.A 7%
8. Android.Erahsooc.A 7%
9. Android.Geimini.A 7%
10. Android.GoldDream.B 5%

"It’s always hard to categorize a particular year, but if we were to do just that in the antivirus industry, we’d have to start by saying 2011 was the year for mobile malware created to exploit the Android platform," said Steven Sundermeier, Owner of Thirtyseven4, LLC. “Each month, throughout the year, the number of intercepted Android-based malware grew exponentially from the previous month. And with just about all the top threats of last year designed to steal your data, it’s now essential to install security protection on these mobile devices,” concluded Sundermeier.

The top reported Android-based malware for 2011 was Android.Lotoor.A. Android.Lotoor.A is a Trojan that attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in the Android operating system to gain root access (by gaining root access the Trojan obtains privileged control to steal information, install applications, etc.).

In order to help educate users, Thirtyseven4 has posted a website that contains a brief description of the top 10 Android-based malware in this listing. The website is available at:

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