Aliens Arrive Via Sunbeam

The Rose Sisters arrived from planet Gareth and are staying with Mac Dakota at his home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

San Francisco, CA, November 02, 2005 --( How Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown was written–Victoria Rose.
Stephen King, in an introduction to one of his books, made a comment to the effect that he couldn’t understand why a writer would want to develop a plot outline and know from the beginning how the story would end. He suggested letting the story tell itself.

I thought that was an intriguing idea and that’s how Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown was written–it evolved of itself. I could never have consciously sat down and developed this plot. I knew I wanted a happy ending, I didn’t want the sexual-tension foreplay typical of romance novels, and I wanted the sexuality to be more realistic. And so, as it is, I have selected Fiction/Erotica as its primary genre.

Why Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown was written–Victoria Rose.
For many reasons but primarily to present ideas as to how another culture from a different planet might deal with problems similar to ours here on Earth, i.e. sexuality, pollution, overpopulation, religious issues. It was written for spiritual reasons, to educate, and as a challenge.

Genre–Victoria Rose.
While I was writing this book, I had no intentions of having it published. I did not write thinking about whether or not it would appeal to any particular market. Therefore, it has a very mixed genre, and I would say that it is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Erotic Romance with facets of mystery, suspense, and crime fighting.

If you think of life as the River of Time and we as whirlpools within the stream, Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown takes place in the River of Sexuality.

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