Unique Social Network for Fishing Community Launches – Blogs, Forums, Chat, Photos, Fishing Club Tools and More - All Free

Fishnfools.com, with its Fishing Blogs, Forums, Chat and all the features included in any complete social network, along with its familiar Facebook-type user platform, is poised to become a hub for the fishing community. With its unique features, Fishnfools.com seems to have the recipe for success. (http://www.fishnfools.com)

Dallas, TX, January 07, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Unlike Facebook, Fishnfools.com lets its users focus and interact with those of similar interests without the intrusiveness and interruptions from one’s past or present social relationships. As President/CEO Garry Cooper puts it, “Facebook’s popularity from the onset was, and still is, drama and gossip. Fishnfools.com is built to have the same or more utility, but to avoid that negative characteristic of Facebook, and focus on one thing - Fishing!” And apparently his statement rings true.

Not only does Fishnfools.com allow the typical interaction among its users with features such as forums, chat, photo management, friending, and messaging, it also includes valuable features to the fishing community such as highly informative and sometimes humorous blogs, a photo database that is searchable by fish type and area allowing real time photo oriented fishing reports, tide information, and a fishing club section that allows fishing clubs, with just three mouse clicks, to have their own web presence. As CEO Cooper points out, “Fishing Clubs no longer need to build and maintain a website. Fishnfools.com includes powerful club and member management tools, with calendars, events, and all the other social network features just for that club that would not be financially feasible for a small fishing club to include in its own site. And after all, it’s free!” Mr. Cooper also makes it clear that fishing, in his view, is any outdoor activity that is on or near water that involves catching any water creature what so ever. This is illustrated by the content of the blogs on the site as the articles range from clam digging, spear fishing, frog gigging, and Bow and arrow fishing to catching crawfish and snapping turtles by hand, as a partial list.

Fishnfools.com has also thoughtfully integrated special marketing and customer retention tools for fishing guides, fishing charter boats, and other fishing related businesses into its site as well. According to Cooper, these fishing businesses can gain and develop high quality and valuable relationships with both potential customers and existing customers with their participation in this highly focused social network. CEO Cooper explains “Our business members have a no risk opportunity to expose their businesses to their exact target-market community and spawn an extremely high quality and valuable relationship that transcends what can be developed by conventional advertising and marketing, and have a vehicle to interact and market to existing customers in a more personal way than exists anywhere in the advertising world.”

One thing is for sure, this site appears to be well thought out and seems to have the needs and desires of the fishing community at its heart. It is a well designed and friendly site that truly is easy to use and promotes one main concept – Fishing. It is totally free and easy to join and navigate and if you are a gater wrestling, hillbilly fishing, frog chasing, spear fishing scuba diver, or just a plain old fisherman or woman, it is definitely something worth a look for you, your friends, and your fishing clubs! Check it out at http://www.fishnfools.com

Garry Cooper