Seaspray Pools Bucks the Trend in Low-Cost, Low-Quality Pool Construction

Dirt-Cheap Pools Dangerous and Quick to Deteriorate; Seaspray Offers Low-Cost but High-Quality Pool Construction for the Average Middle-Class Consumer.

Melbourne, Australia, January 06, 2012 --( Australia may not be as badly hit by the economic downturn as the other economies around the globe, but the impact can still be felt across the country. This effect is much more powerful in the luxury sector, which either charges outrageous prices or greatly reduces quality in order to recoup their losses.

The pool industry is one such industry that is affected by this dilemma.

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools are supposed to last for years – even decades – on end. Some construction companies, however, are offering ultra low-cost pools in order to appeal to more financially constrained consumers. On the other end of the spectrum are the construction companies that cater exclusively to the filthy rich, with pools costing nearly the same as a fully-furnished house.

Seaspray Pools, however, offers the average middle-class Australian the middle ground where excellent quality comes with reasonable price tags.

Established November 1990, Seaspray Pools is an industry leader in the pool business that caters specifically to homeowners looking for quality pools at affordable prices. The owner of Seaspray Pools has thus gained a distinct sense for constructing medium-sized pools – something that has earned the company numerous Gold awards from its peers in the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). Seaspray Pools has even managed to bag Australia’s Best Concrete Pool under $50,000 award in 2010.

These awards have come along because of the company’s dedication to quality pools and customer satisfaction. This is an especially important factor considering that many consumers are unaware of quality standards regarding design, construction and budget standards when it comes to pools. This is further reflected by Seaspray Pools policy of “no most popular design,” where each pool they build is constructed to conform to the customer’s indoor and outdoor surroundings.

In order to facilitate this policy, Seaspray Pools provides on-site inspection along with an initial design of the pool and associated equipment. This equipment can include heating, cleaning and sanitizing options to conform to the existing and future needs of the client’s pool. This then makes each and every pool Seaspray Pools constructs to deal with a variety of issues that a potential customer may face. That’s a very useful thing to consider during the planning phases of construction, especially when combined with a one-on-one supervision policy that ensures the client is fully satisfied with the finished pool.

Seaspray Pools was established in 1990 and constructs middle-sized outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The company constructs an average of 100 pools a year that allows consumers to achieve significant buying power without sacrificing one-on-one supervisions during construction. Seaspray Pools has won numerous SPASA Awards of Excellence under this policy. It uses the tagline “Excellence in Concrete” as one of its more prominent ethical and business pursuits.


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