Allworld Logistics Provides All New Shipping Solutions for Small, Medium Enterprises

Allworld Logistics 100% Australian Company Offers Flexible Import/Export Options via Air freight and Sea freight, while other Importing and exporting services are often an expensive venture.

Melbourne, Australia, January 09, 2012 --( Importing and exporting goods is often an expensive venture that not many individuals are willing or able to get into. This is especially problematic for small and medium businesses that have limited financial capability to effectively strike out on the import/export business on their own. Even if the enterprises have the money, simply monitoring the incoming and outgoing freights can take a significant amount of time, money and effort on the part of the enterprise.

This is where All World Logistics comes in.

All World Logistics is a 100% Australian-owned company established in 2006, and was created with the express intention of assisting small to medium sized companies (SMCs) that need import and export clearances. The company also monitors consignments along with freight forwarding services, which effectively allows clients to conveniently and painlessly receive progress updates on the door-to-door movement of the said consignments.

All World Logistics offers all these services with a competitive price structure that ensures a client is charged at just the right value for the logistical services provided by the company. It also ensures that all levies imposed upon the goods to be moved are based on accurately computed duty rates, and that passed consignments are properly audited. This is an especially important function considering that an improperly audited item could be impounded or otherwise confiscated by customs – not to mention the heavy fines that will be incurred should this occur.

These services allow enterprise owners to focus on their own businesses instead of having to constantly keep track of their consignments as they move from point A to point B. Its boutique type freight forwarding arrangement service makes the whole processed more personalized, which is especially useful for small and medium enterprises looking for a more approachable method of shipping goods. The entire arrangement is large enough to handle the mounting needs of SMCs but small enough to manage the more specific needs and wants of clients in a caring and personalized manner.

All World Logistics even provides special transport services for clients with more unique logistical needs, like hauling oversized items or combined road/rail/sea projects for longer trips across the Australian continent. The company even handles securing National/State compliant permits and managing international project movements for trickier transport routes.

All World Logistics has become is one of the top freight companies in Australia in the short span of time that it has been established. It offers personalized shipping services designed specifically for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises; allowing customers to concentrate on market survival and expansion instead of logistics. Its office is located in Suite 2/85 Curzon St., North Melbourne Victoria 305 – approximately 3 kilometres from Melbourne’s port precident and 15 kilometres from Melbourne International Airport.


If you would like more information about All World Logistics or would like to contact the company for further inquiries, kindly call +61 3 9326 8899 or visit the company website at
All World Logistics
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