Black Rose Writing Presents The Overlord Rising: Dragon Touched by E.W. Scott

“The last time she had seen those dark eyes they had been mocking her as dragon blood was poured down her throat. Mocking her as he turned her into a monster.” The Overlord Rising: Dragon Touched page 202.

Madison, WI, January 08, 2012 --( The Eight Boulders Realm has found itself on the brink of civil war after the disappearance of the crown prince and the murder of his father, the king. Will the new king, Damon, be able to control the strong personalities that threaten the peace of the Realm for their own gain? Or will he be forced to go against his beliefs in order to protect his throne...and his life?

Nolan and Mirabel Burnham, Duke and Duchess of Curiochta, are accustomed to keeping secrets from one another. However, when their eldest daughter, Wren, finds herself in the grip of powerful magic that she can neither understand or control they are forced to come to terms with the fact that some secrets are impossible to keep. Their family begins to tear apart, even as civil war threatens to destroy the entirety of the Eight Boulders Realm.

Dragon Touched is a story with a large cast of characters, all of them struggling to find their place in a world on the brink of great change. Deeply human and flawed, they endeavor to answer the same questions that plague us all-questions of love, loyalty, death, and betrayal-in a world constantly altered and shaped by ancient, unfathomable magic.

E.W. Scott was bitten by the writing bug in college at Hobart and William Smith. A native of Virginia, she now lives in Wisconsin with her cat and Bunnicula-esque rabbit. When she's able to escape from the Eight Boulders Realm, she enjoys cooking and reading.

Now available for review request (both hard copy and electronic). Purchase from and many other online bookstores. The book is also available for direct order via the Ingram Book Catalogue, Books in Print, Baker & Taylor. ISBN # 978-1-61296-079-1.

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