Cherise "Reese" Charleswell of Eclectic Life Books Will be Hosting a Book Signing at Mental Mondays on January 30, 2012

Authors Book Signing being held in the heart of San Fernando Valley.

San Fernando, CA, January 10, 2012 --( Author Cherise Charleswell, President of Eclectic Life Books will be holding a book signing at Mental Mondays. Ms. Charleswell will be there to share poetry and readins from her book, Real Talk Tips: Laugh-Out-Loud Pointers & Suggestions For The Morally Challenged, Socially Inept, & The People Who Love Them.

The book signing is taking place at Mental Mondays inside of House of Brews, located at 231 N. Maclay Ave, San Fernando, CA 91340. The event will begin at 7:30PM.

The book, just published in May 2011, is a non-traditional, sassy, tongue-in-cheek, and painfully honest self help guide and workbook for the morally challenged and socially inept members of society; as well as those who want to improve on their quality of life. The Adinkra image that graces the book’s cover is called “Mate masie” and it loosely translates to “What I hear, I keep.” The book draws on my experience as a West Indian child, where wisdom was often imparted as a series of “old time” sayings, tips, and proverbs; leaving one to interpret the true meaning and come to their own conclusion and understanding.

The book has always garnered the following praises and reviews:

“Cherise Charleswell is a fresh and funny young voice with wisdom for the ages. The author takes aim at the morally challenged, the socially inept and everyone else and skewers them to hilarious new heights. Highly recommend.”
Robyn McGee, Author and Educator at California State University Dominguez Hills

“Bug in your ear wisdom, you have lint in your hair or you missed a button. A good read intent on being more cautious of our attitudes behavior and Appearence. Whimsical light hearted Examination of pop culture from a concerned sister prospective. Real Talk Tips Is full of timeless tips, Critiques, and Compliments. Noteworthy Thoughtful solutions, tuff love with a hug. Its Funny Bitterly Honest The way family is. A must read for all ages that actually builds self esteem and self worth.”
Yawo Watts, Writer, Poet, Spoken Word Artist

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