Bodybuilding Apparel Co. Muscles on Porpoise(TM)

Hauppauge, NY, January 10, 2012 --( New bodybuilding T-Shirt and Apparel Company - Muscles on Porpoise™ Inc.

Muscles on Porpoise announce today their new T-Shirt product line. The company, specializes in high quality fitness apparel and Accessories.

Whether you lift weights to gain big muscles or just want to stay in shape for your own health, this shirt is for you. It's no accident™ that you are in shape -- you did it on purpose.

About Muscles on Porpoise Inc.

Muscles on Porpoise Inc. was founded by Natural Pro Bodybuilder George Greene and Joe Cavaliere. One day in early 2011, while brainstorming some ideas back and forth, we asked each other "Why do people keep healthy and stay in shape?" The answer is they choose to -- they do it on “Purpose." So we decided it would be fun to create a bodybuilding t-shirt company and call it "Muscles on Porpoise." Besides the obvious play on words with purpose/porpoise, we took inspiration from the dolphin and the porpoise. These marine mammals live in the sea and are often regarded as intelligent, active and strong. Also, their ocean habitat is powerful, often lots of fun, and helps promote staying in shape with activities like swimming and surfing. You have worked hard all winter long and the beach is where you show off your physique. We chose to combine an image of big muscles and a cool Dolphin/Porpoise for our t-shirt design as a combination that promotes a healthy lifestyle.
Muscles on Porpoise Inc.
Joe Cavaliere