Accedian Networks Announces New EVC Aggregator Ethernet Demarcation Device with SLA-Meter™

Montreal, Canada, May 09, 2007 --( Accedian Networks Inc., a leading provider of Ethernet Demarcation Devices, today announced that it has added a new EVC Aggregation Ethernet Demarcation Device to its EtherNID™ product family.

Because businesses may not have the required in-house IT expertise or resources to un-bundle aggregated Ethernet services, they will sometimes require the service provider to offer a fan-out of EVCs (i.e. VLANs) on different physical ports, e.g. for VoIP, Best-Effort Internet or Transparent VLAN Services. The EtherNID™ VEE and EtherNID™ VOE offer an easy solution to this need by providing one 10/100M Network-side port (Electrical for VEE and Optical for VOE) and two 10/100M Client-side ports, each assigned with its own EVC, in addition to performing a complete Ethernet Demarcation function.

“On top of offering differentiated and ready-to-use EVCs, the EtherNID VEE/VOE now allows service providers to save expensive ports on their upstream provider edge platforms and therefore double the amount of customer ports that can be offered within a service area” said Patrick Ostiguy, President and CEO of Accedian Networks “all of this while providing the industry’s most powerful Ethernet Demarcation functionality.”

Furthermore, the EtherNID™ VEE and VOE feature the same high-performance Fast-Thru™ engine as other EtherNID™ products, and thus minimizes intrinsic packet-jitter and latency of the device; sub-microsecond at 100% wire-speed for all packet sizes, including Jumbo packets up to 10,000 bytes, thus avoiding the introduction any significant latency or jitter to the service itself. Accedian’s Performance Assurance Agent™, the industry’s most precise multi-instance SLA-Meter™, also allows providers to ensure their Quality of Service according to standard SLA parameters such as latency, jitter, packet loss, and availability in a variety of configurations (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh) at both Layer 2 and Layer 3.

About the EtherNID™ product family:

The EtherNID™ is a unique family of standalone line-powered Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDD) optimized for last-mile CPE interconnection with Metro Aggregation Platforms. Packed with a full suite of Ethernet OAM, Layer 1-4 loopbacks, and remote monitoring functions, the EtherNID™ also gathers per-flow statistics, offers the industry’s most accurate SLA-meter™, supports VLAN tagging/stacking and incorporates intelligent Ethernet taps.

About Accedian Networks:

Accedian Networks is located in Montreal, Canada and has a leading-edge expertise on the forefront of emerging standards for Carrier-Grade Ethernet Services. Accedian's Carrier-Grade technology for Ethernet Services Delivery and Ethernet OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance) uses an innovative and standards-based approach. Part of an Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP), Accedian's flagship product line, the EtherNID™ creates an Ethernet Services Demarcation Point defining a clear boundary between the Customer's and the Carrier's Ethernet Network. For additional information, visit: or call 1-866-685-8181.

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