Promotes Its Extensive 2012 Selection of Restaurant and Bar Chairs, Tables, and Other Commercial Furniture

Fashion Seating, a premier restaurant furniture supply online retailer, is promoting its extensive line of bar chairs for the New Year. Offering upwards of 95 different bar and restaurant chair models, Fashion Seating’s products come in diverse styles and materials.

Union, NJ, January 11, 2012 --( Restaurant furniture supply retailer Fashion Seating is promoting its wide range of bar chairs, which can be found at With a selection that includes over 95 unique bar chair models, Fashion Seating is timing its promotion with the New Year in mind. To coincide with a time when many new projects and redesign efforts are being launched, Fashion Seating is offering discounts on several of its most popular bar and restaurant chair styles.

“Every January, we see a lot of restaurant and bar concepts coming together, and a lot of new projects being launched. Many restaurant owners and managers are looking to redesign their spaces to keep them fresh and exciting. With that in mind, we’re showcasing our bar chairs, which come in different styles and materials, and are priced to suit a range of budgets. We also have special promotions on some of our most popular commercial furniture styles so our clients can get up and running in no time,” said Eli Flesh, CEO of Fashion Seating.

One newly-promoted popular bar and restaurant chair style is the Aluminum Wicker Arm Chair. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Aluminum Wicker Arm Chair is now being offered at a newly-discounted price of $32 for its honey, black, burgundy and tan-colored models. The chair is lightweight, stackable, and is fitted with glides so it won’t scratch or damage any floor surfaces. The aluminum legs and comfy, woven wicker seat give a stylish and homey look to a restaurant or bar, and the restaurant chair would also work well for patio and porch seating.

Another of the recently-discounted bar chairs on offer is the Walnut Vertical Metal Chair. With a look that’s both classic and upscale, the chair is made from metal material but is designed to look like it’s produced of walnut wood. That combination means that the Walnut Vertical Metal Chair is approved for commercial furniture use and is tough enough to support a great deal of use and wear while looking elegant both indoors and out. Discounted to $69, the model is a budget option that’s less expensive and sturdier than many wooden styles.

Alongside its recently-reduced popular styles, Fashion Seating’s commercial furniture is suited to a range of different restaurant and bar themes. Its Curlicue Side Chair, available in four different stains, would add an elegant Gallic ambiance to a bistro or cafe. Fashion Seating’s selection of leather bar chairs, on the other hand, would be particularly well-suited to a hotel bar, an upscale cocktail lounge, or other luxurious environs. With styles beginning at $111 and available in black, brown, red, white, and other colors, the leather bar chairs on offer are suited for a variety of budgets and looks.

Restaurant furniture supply retailer Fashion Seating’s line of bar chairs can be found at Additionally, Fashion Seating is accessible through its blog,, or by phone at 1-888-STOOL-4-U (786-6548). Fashion Seating is on Facebook and Twitter at and

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