World Class Sword Teacher of the Art of Iaido Comes to Houston

Visit to Houston by rare top expert who teaches traditional samurai sword arts called Iaido from Japan for all. Interested students and beginners from around Texas are attending. The art of Iaido can be directly traced back teacher by teacher for over 400 years!

Houston, TX, January 11, 2012 --( Japanese Swordsmanship Seminar with Roger Wehrhahn, Shihan

Time: Saturday January 14th 2012, 10AM - 3:00PM

Safety America Martial Arts Center
2595 Cordes Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Call for info: 281-630-0821

World renowned Shihan (master teacher) Roger Wehrhahn returns to Houston to teach the exciting Art of Iaido. Born out the 13th to 16th century, Japan’s chaotic war period, Iaido was refined during the relatively peaceful era of national military rule under the Tokugawa Shoguns being passed down over four centuries to modern day students such as Wehrhahn Shihan who studied under his teacher in Japan for thirty years. This seminar will present the secrets of drawing and using the Japanese sword correctly and safely from both the classical standing and seated positions. Because of it’s emphasis on mindfulness during the execution of precise, fluid motion, the Art of Iaido has been sometimes called “moving Zen”. The local students of his have performed at the annual Houston Japan Festival in recent years. The seminar is open to the beginner and experienced alike, and will start with the basics and etiquette of the traditional long sword of the Samurai warriors.

“I know you are going to enjoy this exciting seminar on traditional Japanese Swordsmanship” - Roger Wehrhahn, Shihan

Wehrhahn Shihan has received his formal training in Iaido under Mitsuzuka Takeshi, Sensei, founder of the San Shin Kai and one of the last students of the famous swordsman Nakayama Hakudo Sensei born in the middle of the 19 century as the Togugawa Shogunate’s long rein was coming to an end. Wehrhahn Shihan holds the rank of 6th dan in Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido and is currently the chief instructor for the North American San Shin Kai. He also holds the rank of 7th dan, Kyoshi in Okinawan Goju ryu Karate, as well as high dan rankings in Kobayashi Shorin Ryu Karate and Ryukyu Kobudo (Ancient Okinawan weapons). During his illustrious career spanning 42+ years he has also studied Kyokushin Kai Karate Do, Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do, Aiki-jujutsu and Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu. Shihan continues to focus his training and teaching on the arts of Iaido, Kobudo and Karate Do and travels for lectures and seminars worldwide.

Recently he has used his decades of experience to develop a standing only swordsmanship program for those adults who may have a physical disability which prevents them from practicing the more traditional forms which often involve deep low stances and seated position that can put undue stress on the knee and hip joints. This will allow those who wish as they age to continue to practice as well as seniors who wish to take up a new activity to be able to do so. Classes on this program and traditional studies are ongoing near Roger Wehrhahn Shihan’s home in Pennsylvania as reported in a recent news article,

See for information on seminar and local classes. Also, go to channel for examples of some of the training offered.

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Craig Hocker