Brian Howard Takes a "No Fluff" Approach to Disaster Preparedness and Supplies with His New Book

When Things Go Boom! A Highly Practical (No Fluff!) Guide To What You Can Do Now To Prepare For The Coming Chaos: Techniques, Tips and Supply Checklists, authored by Brian Howard, was written to educate as many people and families as possible on the importance of disaster preparedness and help them reach an adequate and prudent state of readiness should disaster strike including getting necessary supplies that they are lacking.

Arlington, TX, January 12, 2012 --( Brian Howard has taken a unique spin on the usual disaster preparedness or survival manual by stripping away what he views as excessive "fluff." His purpose is to get down to a concise mixture of survival and preparedness techniques, relevant and thought-provoking tips and most importantly, highly detailed checklists. These not only specify recommended manufacturers but, sometimes, particular individual products as well. When asked what spurred this twist of the status quo, the author replied, "I was tired of reading 15-20 pages of a renowned preparedness book, only to glean one or two practical pieces of valuable information. I wrote this for the average family who needs to know what to do and what supplies to get now to be prepared. Most families don't have the time to do all the research that I have already done. This is for them."

Howard's writing style is quite to the point and down to earth, yet sprinkled with some humorous flavorings. The book is broken down into 7 main areas of disaster preparedness including personal defense/safety, water/filtration, food/nutrition, medical/first aid, shelter/habitat, communications/navigation/signaling and a general category to fill in any holes. Howard provides a needed service by listing tips and supply checklists within each of these categories offering up his years of experience to suggest specific brands and products. This will be incredibly valuable to the average family going down the often confusing road of preparation.

Given the convergence, both realized and anticipated, of global chaos as predicted in natural disasters, financial collapse, global wars and political/societal unrest, Brian Howard's new work should quickly gain the attention of the 2012 masses.

About the Author

Brian Howard takes a keen interest in current events and preparing for the chaos which he strongly believes is fast approaching. He sees, with an observant and prophetic eye, events that are unfolding across the globe that can and will tumble this house of cards which most take for granted. Brian Howard is an expert, a consultant, and a speaker on disaster preparedness, training and emergency supplies. He founded DPTaS and writes about what he practices on the subject to ensure the safety of his own family.

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