SIMUL8 Corporation Introduces SIMUL8 Basic; the Simplest Simulation Tool on the Market

SIMUL8 Corporation, developers of the industry leading simulation software package; SIMUL8, released the new edition of the software, SIMUL8 Basic.

Boston, MA, January 13, 2012 --( SIMUL8 Basic is designed for those looking to improve processes and reduce costs with simple and easy to get started software. SIMUL8 Basic guides you through building your simulation, meaning you can get started in minutes and view results quickly.

“At SIMUL8 we’ve always believed that every level of business should gain from the benefits of simulation, so, we’ve made it even easier to build your simulations and get the results you need to help improve the performance of your processes.” -Mark Elder, Founder

Over 20 years ago SIMUL8 revolutionized the market by transforming simulation from a technically complex task to something that could be used by people from any skill set. With that in mind, SIMUL8 Basic was developed to offer the easiest entry level simulation software package available, with intuitive features for beginners. The launch of SIMUL8 Basic means that anyone can get started, even with no previous knowledge of simulation. SIMUL8 Basic retains the fundamental elements of SIMUL8 to help users make better decisions as well as offering the benefit of testing new scenarios in a risk free environment.

SIMUL8 Basic is available to purchase directly from the SIMUL8 online shop as a download at

SIMUL8 Basic - $995

About SIMUL8 Corporation
SIMUL8 Corporation produces world renowned dynamic, innovative software that improves processes, reduces costs and enhances the way people make and communicate decisions.

Our customers are located world-wide and include major corporations involved in finance, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications and logistics, as well as many public sector healthcare and transportation bodies. Our software allows organizations to identify and test the benefit of potential improvement proposals, prior to their implementation in practice, in a risk free environment.

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