Make WiFi Calls on the Localphone iPhone App

Localphone has launched a new iPhone app enabling WiFi calls.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, January 13, 2012 --( Localphone, a leading provider of cheap international calling services, today announced the launch of its updated iPhone app. The free iPhone application, available to download from iTunes, now includes two calling modes, which allows users to choose between WiFi/3G calls or local number calls. The WiFi/3G mode allows users to save more money on their calls, because there are no local charges. Tapping the call mode button to switch to WiFi/3G means calls will be made using the customers Internet connection. If customers don’t want to make Internet calls they can select Local calls mode and make cheap local numbers calls. Download the Localphone iPhone app for free.

VoIP users will reach 640 million by 2016, according to a white paper from Juniper Research. “Our new VoIP calling mode will help our customers keep in touch with their friends and family for even less during these hard economic times, saving them up to 88% compared to services like Skype. We look forward to announcing more updates to our applications in the near future, in order bring even more savings to our global customer base,” said Paul Cusack, CEO and founder of Localphone.

Other features of the Localphone iPhone app include:

Referral credit – New
Customers can earn a referral bonus when they recommend the Localphone app to friends.

Call and text history – New
Customers can keep track of all their account activity, including the time, date, duration and cost of all outgoing calls and texts.

Help Centre – New
Customers can get answers to frequently asked questions directly in the app.

Send international text messages at cheap rates.

Access to rates
Check call and text rates to any number or country.

Manage contacts on the go
Manage contacts and import existing numbers through the app.

Localphone is a leading provider of cheap international calls and free VoIP calls. Set up in 2007 it is headquartered in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

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Catherine Holley