Success for Mcclatchy-Tribune Information Distribution with Semaphore Content Intelligent Platform. Free Webinar from MCT & Smartlogic, 25th January 2012.

Find out how information distribution giant McClatchy-Tribune uses Semaphore, the Content Intelligent Platform to increase client base and reach new markets. Free webinar from Smartlogic, 25th Jan 2012.

London, United Kingdom, January 13, 2012 --( McClatchy-Tribune Information Services has launched a new product, MCT SmartContent, and is increasing its client base, reaching new markets and generating new revenue streams through a comprehensive and accurate categorisation system based on Smartlogic's Semaphore, the Content Intelligent Platform.

The ontology-based content intelligent classification system allows McClatchy-Tribune to enhance the content's metadata to create feeds of highly-personalized news to clients and also lets newspaper contributors add metadata to content that makes stories more searchable and app-ready, thus enabling them to take more than a million traditional news stories from 600 news outlets and enhance them with metadata to dramatically enhance value for their clients.

McClatchy-Tribune are co-hosting an online webinar together with Smartlogic, the makers of the Content Intelligent Platform Semaphore. The webinar, entitled "Content Intelligence For Microtargeting & Distribution" will be led by McClatchy-Tribune's Evelyn Kent and Smartlogic's Richard Pinder, co-founder of Smartlogic and SVP responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Registration for the event is now open:
Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012
Session 1: Register at
6am PDT | 9am EDT | 2pm GMT
Session 2: Register at
10am PDT | 1pm EDT | 6pm GMT

MCT's goal was to find new markets and to enhance value for its current client base. Smartlogic's Content Intelligent Platform, Semaphore, allows them to serve both goals by searching through thousands of stories a day to find exactly those that are pertinent to clients. This increases efficiency – and saves money and effort – for clients who no longer have to search for and sift through stories that simply mention a topic of interest rather than identify it correctly.

The speakers will be discussing the following with a live audience of executives and IT staff:
• What Content Intelligence Solutions are and how to effectively use them to enhance your information systems (content management systems like SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, etc & search systems such as Google, MSFAST, Solr, etc.) with navigational taxonomies, ontologies and automated classification;
• How MCT has successfully used Content Intelligence for MicroTargeting & Distribution to provide accurate, timely content for clients to increase revenue and profitability.
• How organizations can use prebuilt ontologies, in this case a business ontology from the MCT and Smartlogic initiative, to dramatically speed up the process of implementing Content Intelligent solutions.

A free replay link is available on the registration page for those who are unable to make the webinar in person and a research report, ”Lost in the Machine: Getting a Grip on Enterprise Information,” from Mindmetre Research that focuses on content classification in organizations and its impact on information use within these enterprises is available for download from the Smartlogic website here


About Smartlogic –

Smartlogic, The Content Intelligence Company.
Smartlogic's Semaphore is a Content Intelligence Platform which complements an organisation’s investments in Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence and Content Management. Semaphore provides effective, rapid and accurate control of, and access to, unstructured content with a speed, accuracy and intelligence not achievable today from existing systems – systems that are strained by soaring information volumes and more complex user requests
Semaphore endows these systems with capabilities, such as taxonomy & ontology management, automatic content classification and contextual navigation, so that organisations can better find, organise, process, monetise, control and govern unstructured content.

Many hundreds of companies like NASA, Bank of America, AutoDesk, Occidental Petroleum, Ford Foundation, Pitney Bowes, The National Health Service, UBS, ABN AMRO, The Office of Public Sector Information, and others use Smartlogic today.

· Media companies use Semaphore to improve the quality of their information feeds, boosting distribution, readership & subscriptions
· Government authorities use Semaphore to tag information according to their standards, for compliance, intelligence processing & citizen self-service
· Healthcare companies use Semaphore to boost the level of self-service and improve the quality of critical health information they provide to patients
· Investment banks use Semaphore to consolidate their information costs, better promote their primary research and automate information compliance.
· Online directories use Semaphore to increase their advertising revenues
· Corporate intranets & websites use Semaphore to boost their use and maximise their return on information assets.
· Information managers use Semaphore to manage their taxonomies and ontologies, classification schemes and records retention policies.

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