Signalman Publishing Announces Release of a Frightening New Novel of a Chinese Invasion of North America

Debut novel set in the year 2016 when resource hungry China invades Canada and North America to go after its oil sands. Fascinating look at how a father and son team fights off the invaders. Interesting account of the end of peak oil and the world-wide impact.

Kissimmee, FL, January 14, 2012 --( Signalman Publishing is proud to announce the release in paperback and as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble nook and the Apple iBookstore, of "Blinding White Flash" by J. Richard Wakefield of Komoka, Ontario.

The winter of 2016, called Black Winter, triggers the beginning of the end of modern civilization due to natural gas depletion. Millions freeze to death, millions more lose their jobs. Coupled with an oil embargo in the Middle East, and North America is in economic collapse. Riots abound. China, hungry for oil and raw materials, uses the chaos in the United States to invade Canada to get at the forests, farmlands and above all the Canadian tar sands for the oil. This sparks a world war.

A father and son team, from a small town in southwestern Ontario, join in the fight to repel the invaders. During their year-long journey through the Rockies and into the north lands of Alberta, they discover first-hand the impact and effects of peak oil on the people they meet along the way. The big dilemma for the defenders is how to stop the invaders from coming through the Rockies. This problem is exacerbated by the limited fuels available for military machinery. High tech military might is useless without the oil that runs it. This means more feet on the ground than technological superiority. Volunteers are needed on a massive scale to help the defenses, but one of the characters just does not believe in playing by the rules and wants to act on his own.

John McClure, president of Signalman Publishing, added, "Blinding White Flash is a fascinating account of what could happen in a future world-wide war over resources. Its relevancy to the events of today will having you thinking..."

"Blinding White Flash" (ISBN: 978-1-935991-35-9, $16.99, Fiction) from indie book publisher Signalman, is available through Amazon, Barnes &, and wherever fine books are sold.

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