Dog Grooming Services in Katy Take a Giant Leap Forward with Premier Pet Grooming Relaunch

As every pet owner knows, it’s an unfortunate fact that whilst the animals that we choose to keep as pets generally care for themselves, there are elements of pet care that are beyond them. One such element is grooming, but with the recent relaunch of their dog grooming service, Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort in Katy, Texas, has taken pet care to a whole new level.

Katy, TX, January 15, 2012 --( As explained by Dr. Layne Spitzenberger, the proprietor of the Circle Lake Ranch, their professional dog grooming service is something that they’ve been hoping to relaunch for quite some time:

“We’ve offered high quality dog boarding facilities at the Ranch for many years now, and obviously, providing expert dog grooming to our guests is a logical adjunct to what we already do.”

Dr. Spitzenberger continues, “After all, if we go to the extent of providing our canine friends with air conditioned boarding comfort – which we do irrespective of the size of the dog – then it’s just common sense to make sure that they are comfortable in other ways too.”

Although Circle Lake Ranch is arguably best known as the premier Equestrian center in the Katy area, Dr. Spitzenberger is confident that her carefully chosen dog care team will continue to establish the same prominence in the canine care niche.

Nevertheless, Dr. Spitzenberger understands that offering expert dog grooming to the local pet owning population is a very important element of providing a full range of professional dog care services.

For this reason, she makes no attempt to hide her delight at having procured the skills of dog grooming veterans Lauren and Brittany who bring thirteen years of combined grooming experience to the team.

“Professional quality dog grooming is not something that just anyone can do. Sure, it might sound easy to bathe a dog but this is just the most basic level of service we offer, there’s a whole lot more to grooming a dog properly than simply sticking them in a bath!”

To emphasize the point, Dr. Spitzenberger explains that there are different dog grooming service packages on offer at the Ranch.

“Our basic ‘Premier Kennel Bath’ service is primarily focused on cleaning your best friend up with a bath and blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trimming and the like whereas we also include a trim or a full haircut and groom in the upgraded service packages. We’ve have also recently introduced a de-shedding treatment; this treatment does remove the dead coat that the dog is already losing and significantly cuts down on the shedding in general.”

With their long established track record as dog care and Equestrian specialists, it’s probably fair to say that any new pet care service launched by the Circle Lake Ranch team is going to become extremely popular with people throughout the Katy area.

There will therefore never be a better time to sample the dog grooming services that are available at the Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort. For more information visit their website at

Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort is located at:

1134 FM 1463
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To make a pet grooming appointment call Circle Lake Ranch Pet Resort at (281) 395-4311.

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