A.J. Perri Vice President Reminds Homeowners of Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Air quality and heating expert reminds homeowners that January is most dangerous month of the year.

Tinton Falls, NJ, January 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- A.J Perri, Inc., a local heating and cooling company, wants to ensure the public is aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide gas, which is produced in furnaces and can be deadly if not ventilated outside. According to the CDC, the United States averages about 500 carbon monoxide (CO) fatalities each year and the greatest number of these are in January.

“Since furnaces run with increased frequency during the cold months, this is the time of year when people should be thinking about whether their furnace is properly ventilated and the carbon monoxide is not trapped in their home,” says Kevin Perri, Vice President of A.J Perri, Inc.

Any appliance that runs on combustion will produce CO, including gas or oil furnaces, gas clothes dryers, gas ovens, gas water heaters, wood burning stoves, and fireplaces. When an appliance is functioning correctly and is ventilated properly, carbon monoxide is not an issue. “However, all furnaces should be checked annually by a qualified professional to ensure that they are not malfunctioning or releasing carbon monoxide indoors,” states Perri.

As a back-up to yearly maintenance, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a CO alarm outside each sleeping area in every home.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless; its danger lies in how difficult it is to detect, even at fatal levels. When inhaled, it replaces the oxygen in your body and accumulates rapidly in blood.

Symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to those of the flu but without any fever:
· dizziness
· headaches
· nausea
· fatigue

Severe CO poisoning will include vomiting, unconsciousness, brain damage, and eventually death.

If you or anyone in your home displays these symptoms and you suspect CO poisoning:
· Turn off all combustion appliances and get out of the house.
· If you start to feel better with fresh air, see a doctor immediately and tell him or her that you suspect CO poisoning; they’ll do a blood test to confirm.
· Contact a qualified professional to make all necessary repairs



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