Announcing an Educational Book on Stem Cell Research for People Who Don’t Have (or Want) a Degree in Biology

Right to Recover, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America—an easy to understand, comprehensive book that challenges assumptions and opinions about research that uses stem cells left over from in-vitro process.

Nashville, TN, May 11, 2007 --( Without being overly academic, Right to Recover gives an accurate picture of the controversial field of embryonic (blastocystic) stem cell research and highlights the progress of therapies resulting from adult stem cell research as well as those from stem cells found in cord blood and amniotic fluid.

The book covers all types of stem cell research and explains why a fish-looking embryo cannot possibly exist in a Petri dish. Author Yvonne Perry says that the belief that a human life is being taken by removing a few cells from an in vitro blastocyst (IV-B) is a ploy to delay funding for a science that may likely produce effective treatments and possible cures for many illnesses and conditions.

“People have heard and read this erroneous report so many times they actually believe the research kills a baby,” says Perry. “Instead of doing research to find out what really goes on in the lab, they believe what they are told by political and religious leaders who are promoting their own agenda through the media.”

As a highly-sought after ghostwriter, Yvonne Perry has authored many books with her clients’ names appearing on the cover. In fact, it was a client, Reverend Dan Bloodworth, who got her interested in stem cell research. The Bloodworths' son has been in a stage 4 coma for nearly 20 years. In a search for anything that might restore his son’s ability to move and communicate, the “all-denominational” evangelist researched every treatment available worldwide. When Dan learned about stem cell research he knew he had found hope and believes till this day that his son can be helped by therapies or technologies developed from blastocystic stem cell research. With Dan sharing his 16 years worth of files, contact information, and Biblical references supporting blastocystic stem cell research, Perry decided to attempt to educate the public and lawmakers about this science by writing a book with her own name on the cover.

“I wrote the book so everyone can understand blastocystic stem cell research without needing a dictionary or a degree in biology. People need to know the scientific facts in order to make a more informed opinion about the research,” says Perry.

Nightengale Press, a medium-sized publisher located in Wisconsin, grabbed the manuscript for what is now a 300-page book before it had a chance to be seen at larger publishing houses. Nightengale President, Valerie Connelly, knows a good thing when she sees one. “When Yvonne pitched her book idea to me, she hadn’t even started the manuscript,” says Connelly. “But she showed so much passion and demonstrated such great knowledge on the subject, I was intrigued enough to say ‘yes’ to her request for publication. I couldn’t let this book get away. Right to Recover has a great potential not only as a commercial success in the book market, but also as a catalyst for a change in federal legislation regarding blastocyst stem cell research.”

The pub date for the book is October 2007 with online sales beginning in late summer. Nightengale Press plans to have advanced reading copies of the Right to Recover available in time for one of the largest annual American trade shows. Book Expo America 2007 will be held at the Javits Center in Manhattan as thousands of booksellers, librarians, book publicists, authors and distributors gather to browse thousands of titles on exhibit from hundreds of publishers.

To preorder your copy now, go to . For more information about the book see or contact Valerie Connelly at Nightengale Press at to review a galley copy.

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